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Friday, September 4, 2020




ZooBubble, a selling website that promises a fair-priced selling fee and lead generation tool With the embracement of e-commerce reaching new highs, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing prospective customers with more options where they can buy is a step in the right direction.

With more competitors in the marketplace, customers have a chance to select a platform that offers what they need and the competition always drives prices down, benefitting the consumer.

This is exactly what ZooBubble is providing, a platform where businesses or individual sellers can showcase their products and at a low selling fee. The e-commerce platform offers small businesses, big businesses, and sole proprietors a great opportunity to sell and/or advertise their products and services.

It is a selling and lead generation website with a difference; it only charges a 1 % selling fee, the lowest in the market. Coupled with a powerful SEO boosting algorithm, it will be a strong contender in the e-commerce space.

What does this mean? With low selling fees, sellers can increase their profit margin; it also means that they can pass the benefits to their customers by offering products at a fair price.With the seller offering more affordable prices, coupled with quality products, they stand a chance of beating their competitors.

ZooBubble aims to provide a competitive environment where the benefits derived from the e-commerce platform can be passed down to the customers. Built-in SEO boost ZooBubble believes in SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, and its capabilities. With research showing that quality SEO gives a business an edge in the search engines, ZooBubble built-in SEO comes as a great tool to enhance visibility and increase website traffic.

Whenever you post a product or service on our platform, it migrates to the top of the Google search results. With ZooBubble, we start with helping sellers promote their products and ultimately building them a portfolio that will increase their sales. The built-in SEO boost is not just a tool for boosting the search results; it is also a powerful tool for lead generation.

If you create a ZooBubble page for any existing business, service, or sole proprietorship your ZooBubble page will over time show up at the top of Google search, which will result in many more people seeing the products or service you provide. The long-term goal, as you populate ZooBubble, is to eventually become a new search engine, but with all organic derivative content with no illicit content, spam, or ads.

Generate more revenue For any business, the ultimate goal is to maximize revenue generation. ZooBubble is built along these lines - helping businesses or sellers leverage technology and provide their customers with quality and affordable products. The platform is a great ancillary option where revenue can be increased by paying a competitive selling fee.

In addition, with a tool that helps sellers boost their pages in the search engines, website traffic increases, lead generation, and conversion is enhanced. Ultimately, chances of improved revenue are created. If you are a business owner or seller looking to sell your products or services online, with its fair-priced selling fees and enhanced selling tools, ZooBubble is a great option.

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