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This is our Line in the Sand moment, humanity!

What will we do from here?
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I truly feel we are all at a "line in the sand" moment on this Planet.  Not just Maui, but EVERYWHERE!  Can you see the chaos and insanity everywhere?  Perhaps it is by design????

There is so much information coming out about Directed Energy Weapons (and much more...).  I've been hearing about them for a while now but after Maui's fire the info is literally everywhere!  Here are a few videos to update you in case you are unfamiliar with this VERY REAL technology!  I think it's time we all started getting familiar with what this looks like and start taking action.  The "powers that be" would rather keep telling us they don't exist and we are crazy.  But, the military has been using them and weather modification for a very long time!




Link to this video


Link to this video


 Link to this video


As I mentioned in my last post, Eric West is a Realtor on In Lahaina and has been doing such a phenomenal job in documenting what has happened in Lahaina and what has been ongoing since.  I'll get into a little more of that further down below.  But, I wanted to share an extremely important video with you.  It is imperative that Maui gets some experts to start analyzing what is being seen in West Maui (Upcountry Maui as well- we had 3 MAJOR fires!).  However, Lahaina town was absolutely the worst.

Eric released a video showing a car that was nowhere near brush, nothing around it burned and exhibiting the same damage as the cars on Front street; melted windshields, melted aluminum, etc.  I wanted to share that with you all but unfortunately it is no longer available.  It was on Eric's YouTube channel at I want to share this with you in case he reposts it!  I feel this is super important to witness yourself.


I had another video HERE, but it was removed!  I am sharing this with you to point out that censorship is alive and happening and has never been so bad as it is today!  This is NOT what our Country, in the US, was founded on.  We all need to stand up for our freedom, that is being removed more and more everyday, and go back to a simplier life! 

You have to be on a deserted island somewhere to not have any awareness that much of our Planet is on fire!  I believe awareness is the first step.  Each one of us must wake up to these hard realities so we can truly rid it from this Planet.  If some other force was to come to this Planet to do it for us, we wouldn't learn our lessons and could potentially allow the creation of the same, all over again.   We also know that isn't happening as this is a free will Planet!  This is our line in the sand right now.  We see fires everywhere that don't look natural.  We also see manipulation of weather to create storms , drive them in a certain direction (like to land!) and make them much more dangerous!  We have a secret/shadow government that is no longer even hiding what they are doing as it's all in plain sight.  We have a huge choice point right now:

WILL WE CONTINUE WITH THE STATUS QUO AND ALLOW ILLEGAL ACTIVITY AGAINST US TO CONTINUE?  Talks of upcoming lockdowns again, how convenient!  Our civil liberties are being taken away from us at every turn.  There is a reason "they" like to create emergency proclamations....they take all our power away!


WILL WE SAY NO MORE TO ALL THAT IS NOT FOR THE GOOD OF THE GOOD.  NOT GOOD FOR EACH OF US AND OUR FELLOW BROTHERS AND SISTERS???   If they are only 1% of this Planet, then why would we not think the 99% can decide how we would like this Planet to be run and humanity to be supported?  IT IS TRULY UP TO US 99%'ers!!!   WHAT WILL WE DO?????




The first video above also talked about weather manipulation,  spoken straight from the mouth of the first man to ever witness an engineered cloud. What he had to say is vital to hear because it's hard to accept that this is truly what is happening TO US...but it is.


I would really like to talk about paying it forward.  We have a spreadsheet of families displaced, their own personal story and their Go-Fund-Me or Venmo accounts.  If we could get together in groups we could adopt a family and everyone would be taken care of :).

I realize so many on this Planet are struggling financially (and in many other ways!).  Perhaps getting groups of 10-20 people or approaching your church or other organizations could help.  If you have a desire to do this then please contact me and I'll get you connected with a family :)


Below is the family I adopted, I spoke with the Mom, Crystal.  Here she shares her story of narrowly escaping the fire with her husband and 3 kids.  She brought up her experience with price gauging over food, while they are starving!  This is the first account that I have personally seen of this and it makes me so angry that the service-to-self faction on this Planet takes such advantage when humans are down.  I KNOW WE CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS HUMANITY!


  Here is the link to this video


I want to share that complete secrecy is happening in Lahaina.  There is a dust fence completely around the burn area.  I do get this for a few reasons.  However, it has been completely locked down.  No drones are allowed to fly over.  There is a 100% MEDIA BLACKOUT 12 MILES AROUND LAHAINA TOWN.  Why??? We have journalists in war torn areas next to bombs going off (or at least the news makes it look like that's what is happening, I don't know, what can we believe any more?).  We have freedom of press in our constitution.  There was a time our Country followed the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Why are we not allowed to know anything?


Lastly, there is also growing concern over the fact that Maui's Chief of Police is also the coroner.  Yes, you read this correctly, he is the Coroner!  Is this even legal?  I've heard it isn't but I truly do not know.  This is something that sounds important for an independent person/party to determine because it's painfully clear to those of us on Maui that we need outside help because we are not getting answers on the ground on Maui!


Again, thank you for reading.  Please share this far and wide.  This is a Platform that is not controlled - the only thing they CAN do is remove YouTube videos. But, they cannot remove my words AND THEY CANNOT TAKE US DOWN UNLESS WE DO NOTHING AND ALLOW IT.  IT'S TIME TO STAND UP AND REALLY SEE WHAT IS GOING ON SO WE CAN ALL DO WHAT IS PONO (RIGHT!).


Warmest aloha & so much LOVE from Maui~

Deb Guimond Heart