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Marc Brenner

This is a game changer, and it only charges 1%,

this is Amazon, Ebay, Google and AirBNB all in one, Yes please!

I never thought I would ever see such a great business model like this combining all the great features without all the garbage FEES

it’s a new search engine built to help business.

It’s about time! Congrats.

Seems like this company really wants to help us folks unlike the competition helping themselves?

And it’s Very easy to use.

Go ZooBubble


 Paul baccino

This site has the potential to be the next Amazon and Google combined with a big difference you’re in the driver’s seat of all your Business content, products, and pricing, and KEYWORDS?

This is great finally a clean organic affordable online alternative solution that’s built for everyone and their business to succeed.

Love your Videos by the way very helpful to understand where this site is heading change is good.

Good luck to you guys.



Larry Broughton

Finally a site that works well for our consumers, as well as for the vendor!

I love how easy it is to set up an online storefront for my businesses...the low transaction fees blow the other sites (Amazon, eBay, etc.) out of the water!

The tech platform works well for us, and we're excited to see ZooBubble will be good for all of us!



Guy smith

I have been trying to promote my business online for a while now spending money with EBay, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other Ecommerce platforms... I even hired a SEO specialist.

Nothing seemed to work until I stumbled across ZooBubble.

I was so happy to find out that they have a built in SEO feature and now all of my listings are at the top of Google. You can display unlimited products and services with unlimited custom built in SEO and Meta tags and keyword settings which you control....

Also all of the monthly ongoing fees that I was paying for the pay per click, impressions have gone.

You can post unlimited business pages with unlimited photos and videos without any issues.

The real secret sauce is the 1% shopping cart...

All of the other platforms charge 12% and up. You can start by creating a business profile page for free and with a very small yearly subscription fee you can start selling items and promoting your business.

The cart activation plans are so cheap I can’t see them staying this low for long. So if I were you, I would take advantage of their introductory offers.

This platform is perfect for anybody that wants to get their online presence seen. Whether you have products or a service, or you are a manufacturer, Blogger, a Mom and Pop Store, or Online Drop shipping or a Store owner like me.

You don't even have to have a website, however you can direct the traffic there by utilizing there social media feature built in to the pages.

If you want to go viral with anything that you are doing and want to bring it into the online universe ZooBubble is a great place to start... All of your organic content must be clean and PG rated because they won't allow anything illicit...

There are also no annoying advertisements to take away from your presence and your new customers.

I think it is just a matter of time before people get hip and flock here to get away from other big tech websites and it will become its own search engine.

I am glad that I have found you ZooBubble. I am here to stay.

I believe that this site will be a great clean organic alternative to Google that’s much needed and will eventually compete with Amazon because the manufactures and public is in full control of the products and prices and direct shipping.

It’s a game changer folks! Good Luck ZooBubble and great job helping Businesses with what they need especially during these tough times.



Chris Curry

ZooBubble is top notch tech!!

Sell your products and services on and reach new customers like never before! With built-in SEO, and a TON of awesome features, using to promote your products/services is a no brainer!!

Go create your Bubble today!!



 Jerome Haig

Law firm advertising can be expensive, competitive, or hit and miss. With ZooBubble, the fee is reasonable, and the results real. Our firm is on the first or second page of searches, and it seems to be getting better by the week. We are impressed!



Vanessa Gutierrez

I’m thrilled and pleased to finally see my tiny little business show on the first page of google. Thanks to Zoobubble, I am able to easily organize my list of items.

If I ever needed help, they offered video tutorials to help me start my pages. The effort in setting up my store was minimal and the organic reach I am getting is great.




This site is exactly what every online shopper should experience and what every business should receive from an online platform.



Purple Orchid56

This is a great service and is a definite game changer. I would love to see a new search engine with organic content, only charges 1% for selling and no illicit offensive material. Great job and good luck! Looking forward to watching this site grow just a matter of time.



Howie Walfish

ZooBubble has been a great new addition to my business and personal life. I have enjoyed a great deal of success with my cyber-store.

Along with that, I have met some great people and developed some excellent and healthy new friendships.

I believe ZooBubble is the future of Cyber Sales.

I look forward to riding "The Wave To The Future" with ZooBubble!



Hybrid engine

Amazing service.



D. Merari

Zoo Bubble is just what a vendor is looking for.

One percent on shopping cart sales, inexpensive start-up cost.

Easy pics and video uploads. SEO optimization saves me advertising costs. Paypal friendly.

This site was built for someone to start a business in a day's time.

I am learning more about the advantages everyday. I will follow-up with another review in a few months.

Thanks Zoo Bubble!!!!!



Debbie Guimond

All businesses should be on this site!



Damon Merari Follow-up

The process was so easy.

I set up my business page, activated my shopping cart, and began sharing my page with my existing clients and attracting future ones.

As a math and science tutor, I use ZooBubble as my business website and information page in order to refer and get more clients.

ZooBubble automatically markets and promotes my service; it’s a lead generation tool and it’s free! New customers can simply view my page, then call for pricing and more information concerning my services.

While browsing ZooBubble, I can see realtors and many other businesses taking advantage of this great service.

I don’t have a lot of time or money to waste on marketing; ZooBubble resolves that issue automatically!

Thank you



Melanie Moore

I love this site!

I am in the vacation rental business here on Maui , in Hawaii.

I went to ZooBubble and in less than 15 mins I had set up my free website page with all my business information pictures and videos and my page links directly back to my old website which I have to constantly maintain with and get charged for any changes or updates.

NO MORE! I can access my business page anytime and edit anything myself;

I can’t believe how cheap this is. I activated the shopping cart and now I have full control of all my rental pricing, pics, content and all my keywords and search queries for the rental market.

I can upload unlimited rentals- this is great ! In the past I have paid thousands of dollars for these features individually.

What this site offers is unbelievable & I strongly recommend this for all businesses to start reaching more customers and more sales.

I am so happy to have found ZooBubble!



A Black

I really love this site

I created my free business page activated my cart and uploaded all my products it was quick and easy I have been using the built in social media link and sharing my products and business.

I can’t believe I have full control of all my product keywords to promote and market my business.

This is a great site I recommend it to all business owners it saved me time and money.

Thank you



 Margaret Figueroa

I am amazed at what I get with a subscription to ZooBubble.

My very own web page that I can personally add gallery pictures and promo videos, Includes a shopping cart that only charges me 1% .

In less than 30 minutes I had my page up and promoting.

I Love ZooBubble.



Oksana Putyatina

My small business (RadSeams) has been selling on ZooBubble for about two months. ZooBubble is an outstanding platform and we have received so much help from the ZooBubble team and have started ranking high on Google for our products thanks to their help with SEO.

On top of this, ZooBubble embraces an organic, affordable approach which allows businesses to sell at an extremely low rate (1%!) to the business, while embracing the importance of community and small business growth.

We highly recommend anyone to ZooBubble, especially startup/small businesses such as RadSeams.



Joseph Edwards

 I see this site as a future game changer for all Businesses?

This site is a market place for all to upload there products and services You control your content, prices, and website.

I can manage my business without paying programmers or hosting it’s very inexpensive for the year and easy and straight to the point getting your business seen online in the new organic business engine.

The public are displaying all their products and services as an 30 yr. engineer and understanding what ZooBubble is its simply BRILLIANT! Wow just had a thought?

What happens when? Manufacture’s find this site Oh my BY BY Competition. No Middleman?










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