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Creating and setting up your free profile and activate your business is easy.

Simply register and then upload your profile image and logo image and your gallery images. To make sure that your images appear in the most professional manner, Please follow these guidelines: Make sure your images are in JPEG format and are the correct size: • profile image size should be 200 pixels x 200 pixels • logo image size 200 pixels x 200 pixels • Gallery images: 500 pixels x 500 pixels. Shopping cart images 500 pixels x 500 pixels all JPEG format. A profile image must be uploaded for your profile to display.

Please note make sure when you name images there are no specialized character’s, underscores and spacing or long titles.

Uploading Videos:

Video code can be embedded by pasting the code into the designated box in the admin profile images section recommended size 426 x 240 Click “Save” when you are finished.

Please make sure you preview your profile to make sure your images and videos are correctly displayed. Repeat the above processes to your satisfaction. Remember this page reflects you and your business.

Completing Your Profile: Description and Business Tag: write in your profile information the business Tag must not exceed 20 characters. • Web link: This feature lets you link your profile landing page to your website or social media. • You may display your phone, address and email for customer contact. • Select the business category for your profile.

Activate your Business:

Activate your Business to start marketing and selling your products or services.

Please allow up to 24hrs for your business to be active once activated you will see administration on the top of your page when you are logged in your account most accounts are active within 2 hours.

The ZooBubble engine strictly prohibits illicit content and inappropriate material. Such content and material will be removed. If your profile was removed simply start again.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly. Please read our terms of use. ZooBubble.com uses PayPal for all product payment transactions please add your PayPal email in your profile admin to activate for all your payment transactions.

Please contact sellers directly for all sales shipping and payment resolutions.

When applied by the seller our monthly discount coupon promo code is Bubble it

ZooBubble.com does not track, sell, collect or share your data to third parties.

Still need help email our customer support team