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Southern California Addiction Center

Premier Southern California Addiction treatment facility. Located in the Valley of Temecula California, we specialize in the treatment of Alcohol and drug addiction. Be free from the grips of addiction. Call 951-427-4807 for more info.
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Here at the Southern California Addiction Center, we maintain our mission to providing stable, caring environments to aid the client process of long-term recovery. By personally guiding our clients through each step toward achieving sobriety, we make time to address any underlying issues like anxiety, depression, eating disorders, or similar feelings patterns of behavior.

Our innovative methodology emphasizes the uniqueness of every client, and therefore of their personal recovery process. Our holistic approach makes a careful and thoughtful profile of client history, lifestyle, nutrition, and many other factors. This way, we encourage individuals to improve every part of their life that might be contributing to the problem at hand.

Of course, at the core of everything we do, there exist three fundamental principles that guide the process at every step:

  • Compassion: We stress the vital importance of genuine empathy and loving care for those in need.
  • Integrity: Honesty and the commitment to firm moral principles define our approach, and are in effect at all times as we provide care.
  • Respect: Individuality is key to our process, and this is because we respect our clients as human beings. Dignity is an essential component of recovery.