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Deb Heart

Reiki Energetic Healing and different creations to assist in the healing process on all levels.

Activated Balsamic Kombucha Dressing


This dressing will absolutely have your guests drooling on their plates!

Aphrodite Bracelet


Boost sexual desire libido & while promoting sexual healing!

Blissful Bracelet


An easy 24/7 dose of joyful relaxation of the mind, body & soul!

Blissful Candle (8oz)


AFFIRMATION (important) Every cell in my body is joyful, blissful & in a state of tranquility...AND SO IT IS!

Blissful Mist Spray (2oz)


This product is an excellent accomplice to our Blissful Candle and I promise, they are the PERFECT pair!

Blissful Mist Spray (4oz)


CHROMOTHERAPY: YELLOW!!! This color is associated with joy and happiness.

Detox session


Reiki & Healy frequencies

Energy Clearing Bracelet


Derived specifically from our Energy Clearing Candle & Spray!

Energy Clearing Bracelet


Derived from our one of a kind Energy Clearing Spray & Candle!!

FLAVORED Sacred Salts (12oz)


Infusion choices!