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Jetstreme is a brand that provides you access to an endless amount of aviation experience. Whether it is sourcing of crew members, Leasing and Sales of aircraft or aviation management, we save you Time, Money and Hassle. Employee's Searching for a new aviation position Companies in search of new crew members/aviation members Companies requiring aviation management Aircraft Leasing and Sales. Jetstreme was founded by an Airline Pilot Hungry to make change and help those in need. We are people understanding what needs to be done When, Where, Why and How Much. Time is of the essence thus we source and manage crew, aviation personnel plus aircraft at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOUR COMPANY. We source and manage your current and future crew at no additional cost to company. We save you time money and hassle Screening, Interviews and Psychometric testing will all be done by us. Our focus is Crew, allowing you to focus on Business.





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