Hi, I am a Senior Software Engineer I evaluate and analyze, problem definitions, requirements, solution development, and proposed solutions. I also write technical documentation, flowcharts and layout diagrams, preparing solutions by determining and designing system specifications. My Specialty is in windows .Net development, SQL, IIS and JQuery/Javascript. Feel free to contact me about any IT project. and are both ecommerce websites developed using bootstrap, .net c#, SQL database and MVC Application technology. is developed using .net c#, SQL database and MVC application technology. I charge $35.00 per hour for labor to develop a bootstrap, css, html website. I charge $50.00 per hour for labor to develop a .net c#, SQL database, MVC website. I can develop a bootstrap website in 24 hours Step 1. Pay 50% of the labor upfront. Step 2. Purchase a domain: Cost anywhere between $10.00 and up depends on how many years. Step 3. Pay Hosting cost $36.00 a year if you use my host. Step 4. Purchase a bootstrap theme from the following sites: cost anywhere from Free, $14.00 up to $50.00 or or Step 5. Email Content and Professional Photos I can also create a link to your marketing page I use this ZooBubble page to receive payments so any future Maintenance I charge $35.00 per hour





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