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Health and Wellness Your Longevity Cardiologist and Longevity Coach ~ Mark and Veronica These two experts joined forces personally and professionally. Their paths crossed and love healed their souls. The chemistry and energy of the two together is incredible. The two of them are a “powerful" support system that will help you achieve your goals. Become a Longevity Partner with Longevity Personalized, and you will be tapping into the medical and scientific expertise of Mark as well as the spiritual and soulful connection that Veronica helps you achieve, to enhance your emotional well-being. We look forward to joining with you as a Longevity Partner and helping you achieve all your physical, mental, and spiritual goals today. Mark R. Gordon, MD, FACC, a Board Certified Cardiologist, completing his Cardiology fellowship training at the University of Minnesota, has always had an interest in prevention. He also completed a fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine through the A4M (American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine) and training and certification in Advanced Metabolic Cardiology through George Washington University School of Medicine. Mark collaborates closely with Veronica to coordinate the mindset that will keep you focused and on the path, to your "Optimal Cardiovascular Wellness And Longevity!"





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