Understanding Trump's Great America

Diminishing Division


(Trying to make sense of all The Political Madness.) Less than 3 weeks to go now to what is easily the most important election in Modern History. The raging hatred directed at the current President is...and I think people of all political viewpoints would be hard pressed to deny this...unlike ANYTHING anyone in America has seen before. Friendships are being terminated, families estranged, marriages destroyed...and there has been...and will be...Homicide. What is it he has done??? Prior to running for President, this man was a Reality TV Show Star with his own catchphrase..."You're FIRED!" Prior to that, my recollection...having grown up in NYC...was that he was THE KING of NYC. EVERYONE wanted to go to Donald Trump's parties. Rappers sang about him. Doors opened at the most exclusive clubs if he walked up...never a question about that. Is it possible that he is not all the things that those who hate him accuse of him of being? Is it possible that The Media really is biased in a HUGE way...and that D.C. found itself in collective shock when a wealthy individual who was not a lifetime politician and was not easily controlled...was enjoying incredibly enthusiastic support from tens of millions of Americans? Is it possible that millions upon millions of Americans have accepted a viewpoint of this man that is simply not true? Is it possible that his words were constantly taken out of context by The Media so people would believe that he was every "ist" and "phobe" in the book...AND...That he was UNQUESTIONABLY a White Supremacist? Is it possible that tens of millions of Americans never watched him speak firsthand but just accepted whatever it was that the likes of CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the now (Forever to be known) as...The Mainstream Media told them he said? When he really didn't say it quite the way they put it forth? Is it possible that the reason he has such enthusiastic supporters is that they grew so very tired of politics as usual and simply LOVED that this outspoken Reality Show TV Star and Billionaire...decided it fell to him to step up and "Make America Great Again"? By winning The Presidency? Which...if everyone will recall...he was endlessly mocked and scoffed at by ALL Media, basically...AND...ALL of Hollywood, basically...AND...All serving politicians on both sides of the aisle, basically. Is it STILL not clear to his opponents that they fell victim to The Demons of Underestimation and Overconfidence? Because their behavior with less than 3 weeks to go to that election...looks to me like they're doing THE EXACT SAME THING they did when he was running against Hillary. At least Hillary generated some enthusiasm for herself. I refuse to believe that anyone can look me in the eye and say to me with a straight face that they are AT ALL enthusiastic about Joe Biden. I have no problem believing their STRONG enthusiasm AGAINST Donald J. Trump. It is Crystal Clear. I mean, I know a number of people who have told me outright that they would vote for a can of sardines or a dead dog before they would vote for Trump. And this comes not only from Hollywood Liberals...a lifelong staunch, Orange County, CA. Republican...Church on Sunday...Right side of The Aisle all the way...friend of a "Never Trumper". A truly fine and generous and charitable and caring individual. For a man like myself and others I know...who basically deal in Common Sense and Gut Instincts...well, we are all rather bewildered by how any Grown Ass Adults can look at Joe 77 years of age and 47 years in The Halls Of Power behind him...where, as best as I've been able to learn...he's basically done nothing...How can such adults view him as anything resembling a Leader? I completely understand the hatred of Trump. I do. What I cannot wrap my head around is why strong Democrats and Liberals are not ENRAGED that...when The Primary Debates were all over...and The Primaries were all done...The Democratic Party offered up two Old White Guys as the choice for their members to run against the likes of Donald Trump??? I remain utterly BAFFLED that there are men out there who consider Joe Biden a viable candidate to be The Leader of the Free World. How can that be??? Only one way I can conclude...the vitriolic and raging HATRED for Donald Trump is so off the charts...that rational thinking seems to have gone by the wayside. I'm from NYC. Grew up in "The Neighborhood" hangin' out at The Schoolyard. One thing that happens growing up like develop Good Instincts. I just don't understand how any man I know can look at Joe Biden and not see that he is thoroughly corrupt and solely about Power. My Instincts tell me this very clearly. Doesn't even matter what comes out of his mouth. Does his History mean nothing??? So much nonsense in his background. So little accomplished. The seemingly never ending plagiarism. C'mon MAN!!! Do I believe that Donald Trump never screwed anyone over in business? HA! HA! HA! NO! I'm not The Village Idiot over here. I was actually an "Intellectually Gifted Child". And along the way to adulthood, I was very much in agreement with Mr. Spock in Star Trek... Logic MATTERED. Anyone at Trump's level of Wealth and Influence and can pretty well be certain that along the way he upset some people, screwed some over...some maybe really badly...and you can be certain that enemies were created and exist. Along with absolute certainty that there were many, many men who envied the man...begrudged him his being born into $$$...and his success at moving forward to create a lot more. Not to mention all the beautiful women he was surely able to bed. Does he have a massive ego? A man who puts his name on the tops of buildings and on helicopters, planes, boats, clothes...WHEREVAH...Do I really need to answer that??? C'mon MAN!!! I don't believe any honest supporter of his could POSSIBLY deny that he has a MASSIVE ego. But maybe, right now, at this exact point in time and history...he's the man we need to lead this country. One thing I'm certain of...Joe Biden CANNOT lead this country. Should he actually prevail...EVERYONE in D.C. KNOWS that he won't be in The Oval Office very long. That is common knowledge. He knows it too. No, the woman who stated in the debates that she FIRMLY believed his accuser who stated that he sexually assaulted her...THAT who ran for President herself and got less than ONE PERCENT in the polls... THAT woman will be The President of the United States of America. And that just can't happen. The Democratic Party failed their members...and ALL Americans. They simply DID NOT offer up a VIABLE Candidate. Recently, at one of their "Rallies" Joe Biden and Kamala Harris managed to get 12 people to show up and sit in chairs in "Socially Distanced" circles in AZ. The reporter outside of the event was embarrassed. Somewhat confused. There was NOBODY waiting in line to get in. There was NOBODY THERE!!! Meanwhile, the hated Orange Man continues to bring thousands upon thousands week after having been diagnosed with The COVID...and he has them cheering and screaming. He can speak for hours. He does not tire. He looks to me like a man that our enemies...and you best believe we have them...would be frightened of. I don't give a flying rat's ass if they respect him OR the Office of The President. I want our enemies to be FRIGHTENED. None of them are frightened of Mr. Joe Biden. They laugh at him. He is a joke to them. And people actually pay attention to the nonsensical polls? Did they learn NOTHING from 2016??? In the eyes of The Mainstream Media, that election was over before the first vote was cast. Hillary had won. That was it. End of story. Okay, I can forgive that. But to do THE SAME FREAKIN' THING AGAIN??? With a candidate that no one really cares about??? This is not Barack Obama. This is not Hillary...The pre-destined First Woman President of The U.S.A. This isn't even Bernie Sanders. At least Bernie generated REAL enthusiasm. This MADNESS simply has to stop. Don't be angry at angry at The DNC. They screwed Bernie in 2016...and they did it again this time. At least Bernie had a HUGE following. He had his "Bernie Bros". Where are "Biden's Babes"? "Biden's Brothers against Trump""? Biden's "ANYTHING"??? Please. Enough already. Educated, Intelligent, Street Smart, Good Hearted, Fine Americans have to stop fooling themselves because they've allowed their hatred for Trump to get so out of hand. People with great Work Ethics, Great Kids...How can they not see that Joe Biden is NOT a LEADER??? Just listen to him speak. ECOUTEZ!!! C"MON MAN!!!!!!!





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