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2 in 1 Secure iPhone 8 Case With Wallet


A 2 In 1 iPhone 7/ 7Plus and iPhone 8/ 8Plus removable magnetic Phone Case With Wristlet...  Get this case and you will be glad to make this choice as the case gives you convenience, it slides out and detaches from the wallet when you want to use the phone and attaches back with a magnet when you want to carry it safe and secure..! The Wallet and Case are made of faux leather that is soft to the touch and has the feel of real leather without the hefty price. The case has a cut-out eye for the camera and the wallet has multiple slots for credit cards and ID cards along with a money storage compartment that makes you feel like a million bucks when everything is at your fingertips... DETAILS: Perfect fit for iPhone 7, 7Plus and 8, 8Plus. It comes with a wristlet too. It comes in Multiple colours.

Solo Voicer And Music Player Bluetooth Headphone


Solo Voicer a Bluetooth enabled noise cancellation headphone is now here for you.   A perfect Bluetooth headphone for everyone who has an ear for music, this Solo Voicer Music Player has a built-in noise cancellation to keep your audio free and clear of any distortion. It's built-in mic will allow you to answer your phones or even use voice commands to talk to your phone. The headphone has quick charge function and comes with a single earpiece which means you can keep your other ear always open and ready for the rest of the world!  Give a big thumbs up for Solo Voicer today! DETAILS:  Bluetooth enabled, compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device including Smartphones. Built-in mic for 2-way conversation. APT-X processor to deleiver distort free audio. Quick Charge lasts for 12 hours, recharge via USB port. Multiple colors to select from like WHITE, BLACK, GOLD , RED AND PINK.

Pretty Patterns Watch With Henna Style Belt And Mandala Dial


You can never have too many watches! Get this pretty watch with a colorful Mandala circle dial that gives an impression of a kaleidoscope and makes it even more amazing! The Vegan belt is full of floral henna-like design giving it a playful vibe and leaves a lasting impression on your mind... Make the most of your days, hours and moments... Count on the Pretty Patterns! DETAILS: Japanese Quartz movement keeps accurate time. Vegan Leather and adjustable buckled belt. The dial shows colorful Mandala circles. The belt has a delicate floral henna-like design to make it playful. Replaceable watch battery. It comes in Purple, Black, Orange, Turquoise, Pink, and Green. Great for gift giving for fun loving family and friends.



Oh My God the high end look at such a good price is just awesome. The soft embossed texture with which the OMG OMG FAUX OSTRICH LEATHER PURSES are produced, is what makes them so real looking, however they are light on your pocket and your soul as no Ostrich is harmed while making of these wildly exotic looking purses. Exclusively made to order with a wristlet for casual appeal and inside pockets for Smartphone, Credit Cards and Cash slots with zipper, add function to these Water Resistant purses and make them so much more practical and trendy.   Detail: Embossed Ostrich like soft PU leather.  Clutch with a wristlet. Zippered interior, 3 pockets. Holds Any Size of Smart Phone, also Credit Cards and Cash. Gold shine zipper closure. Hot Pink lining in the middle section. Size: 5 inch Tall and 8 inch wide.  Water resistant, easy to clean. Imported. It comes in wildly beautiful shades of Purple, Black, Yellow, Hot Pink, Blue and Beige. 

The Resort Lifestyle Wrap


Lightweight and easy to slip on. The Resort Lifestyle Wrap is wild and crazy. Get in touch with your personal style with The Resort Lifestyle Wrap. It comes in Wild Resort Designs and Mix Multi Colors like Wild flowers Multi and Crazy Geometric Multi. It has shoulder straps on both sides of the wrap. Wear it crisscross like a top for a sweet and sensual look. Perfect for the beach resort you are visiting swimming and lounging never felt so beautiful go wild with the waves and go crazy over the moon while talking slow walks along the beach in the Resort Lifestyle Wrap. Details: Made of 95% Rayon Poly Blend and 5 % Spandex. Machine Washable. 36 inches long. ONE SIZE FITS:   Small - Medium - Large, no need to select size at checkout. Comes in Wild Resort Designs and Mix Multi Colors like: Wild Flowers Multi and Crazy Geometry Multi.

Happy Strappy Sandals


Happy Strappy Sandals. The flat sandals with metal charms that shine on the straps. These flat sandals in smooth vegan leather are quite praiseworthy as they are comfy to wear and chic to look at. The metal charms detail adds interest to the three straps and makes your feet look happy.   Details:   Metal charms on Straps. Vegan leather. Imported. It comes in Sizes:  5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Select from colors like: Chic Black, Pecan Brown, Pewter Gray and Summer Blue.

SKY TRAVELERS EARRINGS Little Bird Learning To Fly From Mom Bird in 925 Sterling Silver hooks


Here is the highly awaited Mix Metal Double Birds Earrings the little bird is finally learned to fly along with the Mom Bird. New season always brings a perfect new opportunity to do something refreshingly new, something bold and something beautiful. Begin your new season by getting these SKY TRAVELERS EARRINGS for yourself which symbolizes new hopes and dreams. One baby bird is seen flying beautifully along with the Mom Bird who is giving great courage and confidence to the little one while soaring into the sky. These SKY TRAVELERS are in White Gold plating and Yellow Gold plating in each earring and the Sterling Silver Hooks on these earrings surely make them extra special. Details: Double, mix metal 18 kt Yellow Gold Plated and White Gold Plated Birds. Earrings are made with Sterling Silver Hooks.  It comes in a Gift Box or Pouch.

Mid Summer Night White Fringe Trim Tunic


A Collection of Mid-Summer Night White Tunics are now yours. O So Gorgeous White Fringe Trim detailing on these sweetly beautiful Mid-Summer Night White Tunic that look and feel like a dream come true.  Subtly romantic tunic engulfs your thoughts and feeling that you never want to get out of. Wear it as a cover up and a tunic to show off sexy beautiful Sun tan. Lounge in it all day and Dream in it all night!    Details: 100% soft Chiffon. One Size Fits  S - M - L  V neckline and Short Sleeves with Fringe Trim at the bottom. Covers the curves. Relaxed Silhouette. Imported. Summery Fringe Trim Tunic comes in White color. ******** You would also love: MID SUMMER NIGHT WHITE CROCHET LACE TUNIC *********

Surf The Waves BEACH DRESS


We cannot stop the waves, but we can learn to surf.  Let’s enjoy watching the waves catching up with each other and stacking one on top of the other endlessly and lashing themselves on the beach happily.  Let’s reciprocate their playfulness with Surf The Wave Beach Dress which show stacked up wave stripe print, boat neckline, bat wing sleeves and relaxed silhouette. You can call it your sunscreen beach dress as it protects skin from sun's glare and draws you near the waves to keep you cool. Details: It's a cover up and a beach dress in one. ONE SIZE FITS ALL  from  S- M - L - XL 1XL 100%Chiffon. Slip On Styling. Relaxed fit. Boat neckline. Bat Wing sleeves.   It comes in 2 beautiful shades together, Black & White Waves (with one sleeve and back in solid transparent Black) and Pink & Blue Waves (all over). Machine Washable Imported.

SmartHub Speaker and Stand For Your Smart Gadgets


entering to last song or next song by pressing keys accordingly. It also gives Stereo Sound output without wired fettered and lets you enjoy music totally and freely.   You can watch movies on iPad or tablet with full Stereo Sound.   It is perfect for FaceTime or Video Chat as you can go hands free and adjust to the angle you need. You can operate keys to achieve functions like answer calls/ hang off dialing back functions. Details: **Bluetooth Player Instructions:   LINE-IN audio input mode: The audio insert LINE-IN port

Lave Is More Fashionable Sweet Blouse


LACE IS MORE BLOUSE.  Something so simple can be so sweet and fashionable! The solid Chiffon in Navy, Red, White and Black colors with delicate lace of same color provide pretty balance on LACE IS MORE BLOUSE.  No need for drama or too many clashing patterns. Just one solid color on a Chiffon blouse with lacy half sleeves, sweetly revealing sun kissed tan. The blouse has a round neckline and a keyhole back with 3 buttons of same color. This is all you need to make a sweet appearance. It's A line silhouette makes it your favorite go to top when you need to get ready quickly without trying too hard and still look sweetly sexy.   Details: 100% Chiffon Blouse, With Lining. Round neckline. Lacy half sleeves. A line silhouette. Keyhole back with 3 buttons of same color as the blouse. Length Sizes Available:  Small is 30 inches, medium is 34 inches, Large is 39 inches and XL is 42 inches. Sleeve is 8 inches on all colors. Imported. It comes in solid colors with RED LACE, NAVY LACE, BLACK LACE AND CREAMY LACE.

Jack And Jill The Duffle And The Backpack 2 IN 1 Bag


Jack And Jill - The Duffle And The Backpack 2 IN 1 Bag.  Highly on demand versatile bags have now arrived. Let the sibling rivalry be at its peak let Jack and Jill fight for who wants to own this cool Polyester bag. Tell them they both can have it as it can convert into a Duffle as well as a Backpack, as you want it, whenever you want it. 

CHA CHA CHA Cherry Pitter


Life is a bowl of cherries. Well we all have heard that but the pits in the cherries really make it hard to enjoy them. Spiting the pits out is the major reason why we avoid eating them and cannot enjoy them socially. Until now. The CHA CHA CHA Cherry Pitter is here to change it all. Now we can enjoy cherries in a whole new and better way. Gone are the days when we tried to take the pits out with a paper clip, the way grandma taught us. Well Grandma it did the job, thank you but the juice was all over and it did not look all that appetizing. With the CHA CHA CHA Cherry Pitter, we now have the cleanest and easiest way to pit cherries just take a cherry, place it in position on the holder, press and Voila! The pit gets separated without much effort and you get the most delicious and juicy cherries to enjoy, without the mess and the pits of course!  Let’s do the happy dance of CHA CHA CHA while pitting the cherries and have a bowl full of sweet, ripe and juiciest cherries to enjoy with our family. ** Also can be used for Olives to enjoy pitted Olives, which can be stuffed with Jalapenos, Blue cheese, Garlic and more***   Details: Pit or stone Cherries and Olives. Easy to use. Hand wash, dishwasher safe too.  It comes in Olive Green and Purple colors.

Palace Pearls Cuff Style Pearl Bracelet


Palace Pearls Cuff Style Bracelets. You will admire the ultra-modern sophistication of these Pearl Bracelets. One rarely comes across such combination of pearls brought together on a silver and gold plated bracelet to make a piece of jewelry so spectacular, that after wearing the Palace Pearl Bracelet, you might just feel like greeting your friends with waving of your hand like a pretty princess. Details: The Palace Pearls shows 13 Lustrous Faux Pearls of same size lined up on a triple bracelet made of Silver and Gold plating. Pearls are 8 mm round. Will fit Wrist size 7 inch to 8.5 inch and adjustable to fit your wrist. It comes in a Gift Box.

iPhone and iWatch Docking and Charging Station in Natural Wood


42mm) and  iPhone (4/4S/5/5S/6/6 Plus); iPod; and iPod Touch Cradle can also be used to dock Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6 and Galaxy Note The dock station does not need any power you do need to use your own cable to charge the devices. "



buy only one SLEEK AND PROMPT Salt and Pepper grinder and get 2 purposes solved from the same one that you usually get from your two separate and ordinary salt and pepper mills. SLEEK & PROMPT is one single grinder of its kind with dual purpose



which accommodates bunch of essentials. Zipper pockets on both sides of the bag makes it convenience to place small items like keys or sun glasses that you quickly need. Press button on both sides of the bag make it easy to adjust the size

Quick Prep Chef's Cutter And Mincer


Make praise worthy dishes at home with Quick Prep, your Cutter And Mincer that gives a professional look to your daily dishes.  One look at this awesome gadget and no need to even read how good it will get working with it. Make the most of your dishes by cutting the prep time in half and doubling that time enjoying your dishes with your family and friends.... Cut dough for pastas quickly and mince herbs for soups and salads efficiently. It has six stainless steel blades that will do all the work for you. All you need to do is hold it firmly and roll it down the rolled out pasta dough to get stripes for lattice pie crust or noodles and roll it in a back and forth motion to mince any herb you can think of including Cilantro, Parsley, Rosemary, Thyme, Basil, even garlic and more.. What more a great chef worth your salt like you can ask for?! Get Quick Prep Chef's Cutter And Mincer for yourself today and thank us later. Details: Not much effort needed, easy to use with rolling down or back and forth motion. Size fits in the palm of your hand. 6 stainless steel cutting blades. Hand wash or top rack dishwasher safe. It comes in Lime Green And Lemon Yellow Colors.

NEW Car FM Music Broadcaster with Bluetooth and Car Charger


NEW CAR FM Broadcaster with Bluetooth connection to your gadget plus a dual port USB charger.  NON STOP Music is a reality from your phone to the car instantly with this NEW device that will broadcast the music to your Car's FM radio wirelessly and connect to your phone via Bluetooth. That is not all it has a 2 USB 2.0amp port to charge all kinds of gadgets at the same time. Now you can listen to music, hear your GPS from your phone play on the car Radio and even hands free answer an incoming call.  Impossible you might say but it is not it is for real. This new device weighs under 2 oz. and only 3 inch long plugs into your car cigarette lighter and connects to nay smart gadget with Bluetooth. It even has LINE IN Jack for those who want to connect multiple devices you can plug them in to the 3.5mm jack proved in the broadcaster. Compatible with all Apple and Samsung, Sony, HTC devices  Details: FM Broadcaster with Bluetooth connection.  Dual USB 2.0amp charging ports FM station Selector  Line in jack 3.5mm Cable included for Line in Jack  A2DP Advanced Voice processing. 30 ft. Bluetooth range with Bluetooth 4.0 Compatible with: Apple All versions - iPhone, iPad, iTouch, mini, - Samsung - Galaxy, Note, Tab All Versions. SONY, HTC and any other device that play music via Bluetooth. Hands-free Call answer when connected to Bluetooth. Plugs into the Car cigarette Lighter as a power source no charging required.

Essential Kitchen Gadget Bundle


tangy and crunchy Chilly Lime Corn Salad all summer long and beyond with the Corn Shark. Details: Stainless steel blades

Drums Of Waikiki A Mini Marvel Of Bluetooth Speakers


Drums Of Waikiki... A Mini Marvel Of Bluetooth Speakers with High Bass and powerful as well as crisp sound and the shape of these speakers will sure to remind you of those Drums played in Waikiki on a sunset beach in Hawaii! This cool speaker fits in palm of your hand but plays a big and powerful crystal clear sound, so that you can enjoy the music from your phone or tablet with its easy Bluetooth connection. The Drum shaped speaker is 5w with a rechargeable battery and the bottom of the speaker gives you buttons to control your music on the phone like Forward, Repeat, Pause and Play.  If you happen to receive a call in between, you can answer and talk right from this speaker; as it also has a built in mic.  You can enjoy this mini Marvel Of Bluetooth Speaker anywhere, without the bulk of a traditional speaker! Play your favorite music with Drums of Waikiki.   DETAILS: Bluetooth enabled speaker. Hands free speaker phone and call answer. Music controls on the speaker. Fully compatible with all versions of iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Samsung and any other smart device that has Bluetooth connectivity. Rechargeable, has built in battery and comes with a charging micro USB cable. Drum style speaker, has all metal body. Speaker watts: 5w. 3.5 mm jack for non-Bluetooth connection to any audio play. Built in key ring to carry it easily. Also works as a selfie button to take pictures with your Smartphone. Multiple vibrant Hawaiian colors to select from.

MINI MONO A Mini Selfie Monopod with Long Arm that fits in your pocket


MINI MONO a Mini Selfie Monopod with a long arm that fits in your pocket.   Taking selfie pictures with monopod is fun and easy but what you do after that you cannot be seen lugging around a stick that sticks out like a sore thumb.   The MINI MONO is a mini version of the monopod but all the features of the full size monopod. It is less than 6 inch long and can stretch to 28inches.    Fully Compatible with All:  Apple Phones, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, HTC, LG handsets.   Features: 6 inch in length can accommodate all modes of smart phone from iPhone 4 to iPhone 6 plus and all in between sizes. Single hand operation no 2 hand required to take pictures. Never need charging the Mini Mono has a cable that plugs into the phone's audio jack and controls the photo shoot.  The Stick has button to easily take multiple pictures with single hand. Can tilt the camera angle up to 270 deg. Multiple colors to choose from. Weighs less than 75 grams. 6 Month Warranty.

Philips Sonicare Generic Replacement Brush Head


Now you can keep your teeth fresh and clean with these Generic Replacement Toothbrush Heads. They fit perfectly with Philips Sonicare toothbrush and the Sonicare technology helps remove up to two times more plaque, compared to a manual toothbrush.  Dental professionals recommend replacing your brush head every three months. Good thing here is the Blue reminder bristles fade in color to let you know when it's time to replace the brush head. Thanks to the brush heads screw-on design, they can be easily removed for cleaning and replacement. The heads come with caps for hygienic storage and travel.    Details: Tapered, extra-soft contoured bristles. The e-Series Standard brush heads work with all the following Philips Sonicare models: Advance, Essence, Elite, CleanCare, and Xtreme. They comes with caps for clean storage and in Packs of 2 or 4, buy 4 and save on shipping. ** This is not made by Phillips, it is Generic Brand however 100% compatible with models given above. ** Philips and Sonicare are registered trademark of Philips, Inc.

Chill With Me Chiffon Shirt


Forget the Fashion Faux Pas and wardrobe malfunctions! When temperature is rising outside, wear the Chill With Me Chiffon Shirt and Just Chill to be yourself anytime, anywhere. We all have at some point tried to make style statements and made major mistakes in mixing trends and textures, patterns and colors, not to mention sizes! Create your own style with the Chill With Me Chiffon Shirt that makes you look so chilled out and makes you feel so comfortable, as if you are in your own skin. It is office appropriate and you will love to lounge in it too. It's overall one solid color and relaxed silhouette lets you be yourself completely no matter what your surrounding and situation is.. Wear the White shirt with the classic Khaki crop pants and you are ready to take on the tough work day with ease and focus on getting the work done, looking smart and chilled out while doing it! Wear the Olive or Black shirt with vintage jeans after work hours to lounge in around friends and just get lost having lots of fun. Work and play, do it all in your Chill With Me Shirt your friends and colleagues will equally love you for it!! Details:   100% Soft Chiffon. Relaxed shirt collar. Length is 29 for Small to 32" for X-Large. 3 buttons in front and Rolled up Tabs on sleeves for a casual feel. Chilled out silhouette that gives relaxed positive vibes. Modern Ho Low Hem. Size:  S M. L XL 2 X-Large. It comes in solid colors like White  Olive and Black. SIZE CHART: Small - Bust- 32" / Sleeve - 23" / Length - 30". Medium - Bust- 34" / Sleeve - 24" / Length - 30". Large - Bust- 36" / Sleeve - 25" / Length - 31". X-Large - Bust- 38" / Sleeve - 25"/ Length - 31". 2 X-Large - Bust- 40"/ Sleeve - 26"/ Length - 32". "

WANDERLUST SUNGLASSES ECO Friendly Made from Bamboo Wood And Recycled Plastic Material


Good Living brings you an Eco Friendly WANDERLUST sunglasses that are simply spectacular!  If you have noticed, people always notice your eyes first. While eye makeup can make eyes look softer and sweeter, next best thing you can do is wear the WANDERLUST glasses and look more relaxed and fun. Front side of the frame of these sunglasses are made from recycled plastic material and the side arms are made from high quality Bamboo wood.  They are Eco friendly so you can look and feel cool this summer.  The lens of the sunglasses are 100% UV-600 protected and they come in 4 hot and cool shades a pouch neatly holds your spectacular WANDERLUST sunglasses, so you can keep them safe and wear them year after year. Details: All Handmade temples from Bamboo Wood. Unisex glasses, Both Men and Women can wear them. They UV-600 rated and protect your eyes from UV rays. They come in 4 HOT AND COOL shades like: Black Beauty, Sandy Brown, Orange Sunset and Blue Sky.   It comes with Velvet Pouch carrying case.

ARTDECO Double Halo Ring 18Kt White Gold Overlay


Artistic and Decorative, Bold and Strong, Yet Stunning and Delicate. The ring has round Diamonds in White Gold, individually set on a double halo multi row bands, which makes the Center Stone appear much more bigger and it looks absolutely spectacular! The Center Stone is full 1 Carat and the smaller stones are 2mm total ct Wt. is over 4 ct.  This beautiful ARTDECO Ring has everything you ever want in a piece of jewelry you own. Something that looks elegant and expensive but feels simply affectionate and affordable and only you know you got a good deal on it. When you are ready to show your commitment, do it in the ARTDECO style. Details:   Double Halo Diamond crystals in spectacular Prong setting. CZ stone in AAA quality. Ring is 18Kt White Gold Filled on Alloy Metal ( Safe for All Skins) with 3 microns layered, Exclusive High Quality. It comes in sizes : 6, 7, 8, 9. It comes in a Gift Box for safe keeping as well as Gift giving. Lifetime warranty on stones and the making of the ring.

Quick Prep 3 in 1 Veggie Peeler, Slicer & Shredder


you can use 3 in 1 Quick Prep tool.  Dishwasher safe. It comes in Grey AND Orange. "

MY 1st GIANT PIANO Sing Along And Dance Along The Piano Touch Mat


36" Deep AND 1/4" Thick. It is for kids ages 3 and up but age has no bar for some of us who refuse to grow up when they see the Giant Piano Mat. This soft keyboard features 25 large and touch-sensitive keys for hours of musical fun

Solar Powered Firefly LED Light String


Decorate your outdoors with fun and lively colors, very different than what you would see anywhere else!  When the FIREFLY mini LED light bulbs light up reflecting sweet glow, it almost seems that they are flying and shining around your house and your garden. These shiny delights come in warm yellow, bright white and multicolored. They are on a string of 20 LED lights with a solar power panel. No need to plug them to a wall outlet,  just set them up during the day so that they recharge fully and you will almost forget all about it until they start glowing at night! They will stay on for 8 to 10 hours and disappear in daylight to recharge fully and light up at night again!   Waterproof and Weatherproof, these are a perfect way to add holiday glow to your house and your garden.   Details:   20 LED FIREFLY lights on a string with 10 foot long.  One solar panel with ground stake. 2 modes: steady or flashing  Available in warm yellow, bright white or multicolored

Candy Bar Selfie Stick World's Smallest And Guaranteed To Fit In Your Pocket


attach your phone to it and plug in the attached 3.5 mm cable to your earphone jack

Roaming Solar Power Bank Phone or Tablet Charger


Roaming Solar Power Bank Two Gadget Charger with its DUAL USB ports.  This Solar charger with Charge your iPad 100% and your Smartphone 200%.  You can even charge them both at the same time.  A powerful Solar charger with 6000mAh capacity with rugged design water resistant yet easy to handle and fit in most pockets  It also has a built in flash light and ON/OFF button to charge only as needed.   It's outer skin is water resistant and comes in 3 colors.  Power multiple other gadgets like camera , iPod , lamps and much more.  If you can use a USB port for charging any devices it will work wit hthis charger.  The Solar panel is double layered it will charge thru any light source including indoor or outdoor.  For best result use direct sunlight. Continues energy collection and store even when power is off.   Stored  power can be used for up to 2 weeks. Fully Compatible with : iPhone ,IPad , iTouch ,Apple Watch , Samsung all models, HTC, SONY, LG, All models, Motorola, Windows Phone, Garmin GPS, Dash Camera any USB models.   5v out put safe for all electronics and gadgets. Dual USB port 2.1 /1.1 amps charge similtenoudly. Rugged ABS plastics outer case. Comes with micro USB cable to charge the powerbank thru wall USB adapter you may have. 1 Year Warranty for Replacement or Repair.

POETRY IN MOTION Modern Vintage Shawl Scarves


wrap yourself with it as a Shawl or tie it as a Scarf.  Appropriate at Office

Picture Perfect Selfie Clip On LED Light With 4X Wide Angle Lens


Picture Perfect is the perfect gadget that quickly clips on to any Smartphone or a Tablet and helps you take a Selfie with a high powered LED lights. Apt for it's name, it will light up your face and fill in the lights with its 8 LED lights giving you a perfect picture every time. For photo enthusiast there are 2 other light filters that allow you to change the effect of your picture, there is a Matt Filter Light and a Amber Filter light that are interchangeable on the lens.  You also have 4X wide angle lens capturing 50% more on each side of your picture. You do not have to use the lens, it but can be very helpful. The LED light has a rechargeable battery and each charge can last for about 30 mins. It can also be used in taking a Selfie Perfect Video that is well lighted with so many good features, all you should be doing now is Smile and take the PICTURE PERFECT Selfie!   Details: The clip is made of sturdy PC plastic virtually unbreakable. The Perfect Picture Light & Lens set is compatible with any Smartphone and any tablet  from Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Android and others with camera. Each Lens Set includes:  One Clip On Lens with: LED light,  One Matt filter white, One Amber Filter, One Micro USB Cable for charging the light.

Pour And Preserve Wine Bottle Spouts And Stoppers Set Of 4


Pour And Preserve Wine Bottle Spouts And Stoppers Set Of 4 You get 2 Spouts and 2 Stoppers. Pour your expensive Wine through the Spout without wasting a single drop and without spoiling your favorite Linen tablecloth. Celebrate with friends in style and preserve the remaining Wine for a long time with a Bottle Stopper , which dissipates the air from the Wine and gives you the same full bodied taste of Wine when you are ready to open and savor it again. No extra tools needed , when you have Pour And Preserve this set of 2 Wine Pourer Spouts and 2 Bottle Stoppers are most useful for a Wine Lover like you to preserve your expensive Wines so you can enjoy them with your near ones till the last drop. Say Cheers !! to Pour And Preserve. Details:   2 Wine Pourer Spouts. 2 Bottle Stoppers, with built in air remover pump. Fits all Wine bottles.

Chop And Pour Get Dinner Ready In No Time


 which means cleaning is easy too. You get 1 Chop And Pour Cutting Board in your choice of colors like: RED

Apple Watch Optional Belt in Real Leather


Apple Watch Optional Belt in Real Leather. This belt is comparable with Apple iWatch in 38mm or 42 mm size.  The belt is made to fit perfectly replacing your existing silicone belt that came with the watch. High quality finished Genuine Leather Belt.  Complete with buckle lock and 2 attachment hinge. Select from Multiple colors   ** Of course Apple watch is not included in the deal this offer is for replacement belt only **

Crochet Cuteness Knee High Socks


Instant warmth and comfort is what you get with Crochet Cuteness.  They are stretch fit and slip on easily made of Acrylic and Cotton blend, their knee high length makes you feel good on the inside, while the crochet cuff peeking thru the high boots make you look good on the outside. Wear them with Winter knits or slip them on with your sleep shirt and let it's super cuteness work in your favor!DETAILS: Soft and cozy feel of 80 % Acrylic and 20 % Cotton blend. 22  Inches of Knee high Length protects from winter chills. Crochet cuff contributes to cuteness. It comes in beautiful colors like: MOCHA BROWN, WINE  RED, TAUPE BEIGE, ROYAL PURPLE, LOVELY LAVENDER and BLACK MAGIC.

Car Dash DVR Camera with Loop Recording and GSensor


Car Dash DVR Camera with Loop Recording and GSensor a perfect Camera for your everyday route or a long road trip.  The camera some neat features that will help you record and retain data. Built in battery can work wirelessly so no hanging wires from camera to charger all the time.   Multiple Modes like Video  or Photo Mode or view mode.  The camera can be used as a portable digital camera as well.   G-sensor is a feature when there is sudden jerk or shake it starts the recording even if it is turned off at the moment.   This enables you to record any accident and that recording can not be deleted. The loop recording will continuously record over the existing recording and keep the last 10 mins of recording and start all over again.  It can be set to full capacity of the TF card which can be up to 32 GB  We are offering 2 versions one with 4 GB TF card that will allow you 2 hours of recording and cheaper one without the TF card in which you have to buy your own TF memory Card. Features:  Dimension: about 90x53x25mm. Languages: Russian, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, English, Korean, etc  Resolution: 1920*1080P (Max.), 1440*1080, 1280*720, 848*480  Photo format: JPEG  Photo resolution: 12M 4032*3024 (Max.), 10M 3648*2736, 8M 3264*2448, 5M 2592*1944, 3M 2048*1536, 2M 1920*1080, VGA 640*480, 1.3M 1280*960  Built-in G-sensor,Built-in memory: 64MB. Memory card: TF Card comes in  4 GB Model or without one and you can get yours own up to  32GB (Max.).  Built-in Lithium battery (Capacity: about 600mAh). USB function: 1, USB-Disk; 2, PC-Camera HDMI to TV port G-sensor: Built-in (car accident case of emergency save, will not be deleted)  System: Windows2000/XP/Vista/Windows7, MAC OS X 10.3.6 or the newer

Sofiyana Sweet Sweater Top


Sofiyana is all about Soft hues and subtle sophistication..  It's casual and relaxed Turtleneck gives a perfect backdrop to dress it up with a colorful Statement necklace and be the spirit of the party layer this hi lo hem top with your favourite Jacket and you are set to take on the evening out with friends. You will love to live in Sofiyana long after you come home.     Details: It is made of soft Cotton material. Full sleeves give full coverage for chilly evenings. soft Turtleneck gives an opportunity to wear a layered necklace. It comes in sizes: Small, Medium and Large. Small Top Measures: It comes in softer hues like: Cinnamon Sugar and Marvelous Mint.

All Mighty TOY TANK with Wireless Camera and Remote Control by APP


All Mighty Toy Tank with Wireless Camera and Remote Control APP that lets you control your Mighty Spy Tank via your Smart Phone or tablet fully compatible to work with iPhone,iPad or any Android phone or Tablet. Makes a perfect Gift for kids 5 years and older. Features :  APP entirely controls Remote Control Tank.  Free App download and install required to use this toy.   The app allows video and Photo mode, and it broadcast live video up to 150ft away indoors and 200 ft outdoors.   WiFi connection required connecting the app with the Tank.  No internet required. Tank camera can be raised or moved up and down from the App the Tank can be moved in any direction by the app. A perfect gift and hours fun for anyone. SPECS: Product Name: MIGHTY TOY TANK  With Camera Via A Wi-Fi NetworkStyle: Radio Control ToyRemote Distance: About 30 MControl Mode: Remote ControlCharging Time: 120 MinutesDriving Time: 60 MinutesControl Channels:4 ChannelsProduct Categories: ChariotsColour: White, BlackMaterial: PlasticPower: 6*1.5V AA BatteryCar Size: 24*19*12cmPower: Rechargeable BatteryControllable via your iPad, iPhone, this tank will follow your navigational instructions and stream video back to your handset via WIFI.You can chase your children around the backyard, search under your car for bombs and tracking devices, carry out top-secret surveillance on your pets in the middle of the night.... the tasks this tank can perform for the highly trained spies amongst us are endless.This is THE ultimate present for wanna-be secret agents this year.Features:4-direction remote controlled by iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad via a Wi-Fi networkSuper light and high speedCamera function (20 meters)Perfect gift for both adults and kids,perfect as giftNote:1.Please choose your color2.Controlled by iPhone, iPad or Android System via a Wi-Fi networkPackage Included:1 x RC SPY TANK  w/ Rechargeable battery.  FREE APP DOWNLOAD from App Store or Google Play 

Bootielicious Pearls & Crystals Boot Toppers


Bootielicious Boot Toppers With Pearls & Crystals Wear your dancing boots and go for the Tango with your soulmate. We know it takes two to Tango  and it definitely takes the Bootielicious Boot Toppers to really enjoy the Tango! The Suede waterfall fringe along with the cottony soft lace with Pearls and Crystals details on these boot toppers make them oh so cute and desirable! Be assured your boot toppers will stay put on the top edge of the boots and will not slip down, as there are 2 hidden hooks attached at the back, that will hold on to the edge of your boots and the velcro snaps make it a snug and confident fit. Dance the night away with Bootielicious, your Boot Toppers with Pearls and Crystals!     Details: Measures 12 Inches in Length. Pearls and Crystals on the boot toppers make them go well with your formal wear and they look desirable. Waterfall fringe in Suede fabric makes it cute. 2 Hidden Hooks and Velcro give you a confident fit. Fits any size of Boots you have from Size 6 to 11. They come in Blush Beige, Coffee Brown, Pewter Gray and Jet Black.

Lucky Beauty Bamboo Brush Set of 10 pcs


Being naturally beautiful is special and to have something that makes you feel beautiful is being lucky.  Take for example these comprehensive beauty brushes you are one Lucky Beauty to have these soft and fluffy beauty brushes that in themselves are good looking to begin with ..and  they are so lightweight that it's an absolute joy to work with them applying makeup is a breeze. Be that beautifully blessed and lucky someone always keep this 10 pc set of Lucky Beauty Bamboo Brushes within reach, it's high end bamboo handles are easy to hold and it's superior quality bristles makes applying makeup so effortless, you get a flawless performance every time you apply make up with Lucky Beauty! Details: The brush handles made from sustainable bamboo. The bristles are  made of Synthetic material. Makeup brush set includes 10 PCS. It comes with: A Foundation brush, A Powder brush, An Angled blush brush, An Angled shadow brush, A Flat eyeliner brush, A Flat shadow brush, A Lip/concealer brush, A Blending brush, A Contour blending brush and  A Smudge brush. Lucky Beauty Bamboo brushes come in a 100% Cotton bag for safe keeping. Be the Lucky Beauty and get the Bamboo Brushes as they are going fast.

Blue Paisleys A Poncho With Tassels In Plus Sizes


Simple sophistication is always in fashion. These beautiful Blue Paisleys on the White and Blue Cottony Soft tops are sweet and charming and the tiny tassels all around the top are an added attraction this definitely makes it your number one go to top and every time you wear it, it lets you be yourself and gives such an ease and confidence that you can take on the day full of tasks and look effortlessly chic while getting everything done in record time. The Deep Blue top has deep blue tassels with Sky Blue Paisleys and the Pure White top has pure white tassels with Deep Blue Paisleys so put on some great music, get into your Paisley Poncho and get ready to multi-task the BLUE PAISLEYS will make everything possible for you! Details: It is made of 65% COTTON 35% POLYESTER blend.  V-Notch neckline is decorated with Blue Paisleys. The V Hemline at the front and back is decorated with tassel trim. The Top comes in Poncho style with relaxed fit sleeves. Tassels all over lend added attraction. It measures: (BOTTOM OPEN) 27 - 28 - 29 and HPS (TOTAL LENGTH) 28 - 29 - 30. It comes in Sizes Like  XL, 2XL, 3XL. It comes in charming Deep Blue with Sky Blue Paisleys and Off White with Deep Blue Paisleys.

Miss Pearly Legs Leg Warmers With Pearls And Crystals


Charcoal Grey and Starry Night Black. "

Super De Duper 3 In 1 Master Grater Peeler Slicer


3 In 1 Master Grater, Peeler and Slicer!!! This amazing one of it's kind Kitchen gadget has Tri Blades that rotate to do the Super De Duper duty as a Grater, Peeler and Slicer and it does it all with so much ease and efficiency! Use it for Fruits and vegetables, the sturdy handle comes with a built in slider button which can be pressed to hold in unlocked position while you rotate to top button to make the selection to grate, peel or slice. This top button has pictures to show all three actions and it rotates to let you select your blade. Once you select the blade, lock the slider safely in place and get into action!!! Grating, peeling and slicing was never so much fun and easy before. So strong and attractive, you will love to work with it morning, noon and night! Details:   It is made of sturdy ABS plastic material with Stainless Steel blades. Super sturdy grip allows you to grate, peel and slice with ease and confidence. Stainless Steel blades offer quality and guaranteed good results. Machine washable. 3 in 1 feature saves storage space. It comes in Sea Blue, Lime Green, Strawberry Red colors.

6 In 1 Have It All Handbag From Journey Collection


Thanks to this 6 In 1 Handbag from Journey Collection! This is that "It" bag made for someone like you who is full of life and knows we may not have it all together sometimes

Vintage Style CableKnit At Your Feet Leg Warmer Socks With Lace


one size fits all sizes . Ivory color Lace adds interest. Feel the comfort and look stylish too. Super Stretchy

Coffee Hug Car Mug Stainless Steel Coffee Warmer


Happiness is having a hot coffee on a winter morning which feels like a warm hug ! Now you can enjoy your Morning cup of hot coffee even in your car on your way to work keep you coffee crisp and hot at about 95 degree with Coffee Hug Car Mug!  No more wasted or stale coffee that you just spent $5 on and can not drink it as it got cold by the time you reach your desk. Just transfer it to your Coffee Mug with a Built in Warmer and enjoy the good hot coffee till the last drop. The Coffee Hug Car Mug has double-walled Stainless Steel interior and the built-in warmer plugs into your car Cigarette Lighter plug, which keeps your coffee warm.  The cable easily plugs out , so you can take the cup with you when you get out of the car. It is also dishwasher safe on upper rack. How intelligent and easy way to enjoy morning coffee. It makes a perfect gift for any coffee lover, as  it is not any ordinary coffee cup, it is a Coffee Hug Car Mug which keeps coffee Fresh and Hot till it lasts. DETAILS:   All Stainless Steel body. Comes with cable 6 ft long to plug in the car. ABS Polymer handle to keep your hands cool. NO spill Lid with vacuum tight closure. Built-in drinking spout. Easily washable in Dish Washer upper rack.

PLUSH PASHMINA Pocketed Lounge Shawl


Practical Perfection called PLUSH PASHMINA.. This  Pocketed Lounge Shawl with long playful fringes and cozy deep pockets is practical perfection you always look for. It is like your best friend you want to be in it's company all the time whether you are lounging at home and baking cookies or having a good time eating out and catching up on the movies now running, be wrapped by the cozy goodness of Plush Pashmina.  Reversible for a reason, one side is plain with big square pockets and the other has dramatic plaid pattern you can wear each side as per your mood and outfit and be rest assure that you will be taken care this Autumn and Winter Season by this loyal friend of yours! DETAILS:   Made of Pashmina material 65%Polyster 35% Wool  Comes with long fringes and deep pockets. SIZE: 80 inch Long  x 22 inch wide  It is reversible, wear plain side or one with the Plaids. Hand Washing and Dry Cleaning is recommended machine wash cold water line dry. It comes in Season celebrating colors like : Xmas Red -White , Red - Black ,Pink-Cream , Black - Grey , Tan - Black , Maroon - Blue  OGreat for gift giving to your Parents and Grand Parents this THANKSGIVING.

Jolly Glowing Gloves Let There Be Light At Your Fingertips


calling a cab and lighting up your front door to unlock when you get home is all at your 'glowing' fingertips now ..! Get more and cheer up everyone.. Have them all don the Jolly Glowing Gloves and merrily sing the Fa la la la la song in chorus .. ! Details:   With one push of a button on the wrist

La Jolla Ombre Wraps


A soft reminder of the views of the Ocean and the Sunset of La Jolla..   The serene blue ocean waves lashing on the beach of La Jolla creating ombre effect just steals your breath and the floating clouds that create the most spectacular pink and purple sunset sky that makes you speechless..   So beautiful that you want to feel these waves and touch that sky..Now you can, with LaJolla Ombre Wrap..   DETAILS:   It is made of 100% softest Modal. Light to carry and thick and long enough to give Winter warmth.  It measures : 60 Long and 24 "Wide. The duel sided Wrap provides variety of looks. The rough edges give a natural and organic look and feel.  It comes in Ocean waves Blue and Sun set sky Pink. "

Video Crafter a Hand Held Video Camera with 16 Mega Pixel Lens and 16X Zoom


providing clearest vision Work well at day and night also has built-in Light. Suitable for professionals or amateurs  It is easy to operate point and shoot take video and Still pictures in 16 Mega Pixel sharpness.  It is lightweight and portable

2 in 1 Audio Cassette to MP3 Music converter


2 in 1 Audio Cassette to MP3 converter.   Save your old recorded cassette by converting them to MP3 on your computer.    The Cassette player has a special attachment that plugs into your Laptop or desktop USB port and as you play and listen  it converts it to MP3.  Once the audio is converted you may then transfer that to your phone or tablet for listening and sharing anytime.   The old Audio Cassette fade out over time if not converted to a digital format it may be lost forever.    This gadget will save your fav recordings and your music from the yesteryears.  A perfect give for those old school people who can still keep their old technology and embrace the new. Comes complete with Cassette Player, USB cable, Headphones and a software that will install on your PC or Mac  Cool Autoreverse feature so you will get a non stop recording from A and B side of the Cassette in a single file.

Smart Power Tower for Every Desk at Home or Office charge any Gadget


SmartPower Tower for Smart Desk that will deliver 5 USB ports and sits on your desktop and plugs directly into a power outlet.  The Smart Power Tower has a built-in hi-tech chip that will determine how much power is needed when you plug in your gadget or Smartphone and deliver that many watts of power by creating an exclusive delivery tunnel that will speedily charge your device. It is also convenient to have your USB port accessible at all times to you on your desktop allowing you to use a short cable to deliver even faster charge. 5 USB PORTS  6 A  / 30 watts Comes in White or White with Lime Green. 4 ft Extension Cable to plug into the wall outlet.

So Smart Toy Pad With 12 Fun And Educational Features


So Smart Toy Pad Children's Toy W /12 Fun And Educational Features.This iPad inspired children’s learning ‘SO SMART!’ Toy Pad comes with 10 inch screen. The ‘SO SMART!’Pad toy helps children to learn numbers and sounds, with easy to use screen buttons. It also plays music and creates hours of fun for your curious little ones! Now kids will not take Daddy’s iPad to play with, they will have their own ‘SO SMART!’ Learn Pad toy that looks like a real tablet computer! Mom won’t have to worry and take it away from them! Completely safe for kids and recommended for ages 3+. DETAILS: 10 Inch surface screen area. 12 Features. Number Quiz Function.  Spelling Quiz Function. Questions and Answer Game.  Word Game like: Spell A Word. Animals Games to play with. Find An Object Quiz. Find A Letter game .  Find The Word game.  Find A Number game. 2 Sing A Long Songs.  Flashing Lights. Plays a song built in with Music. Volume Control.  Power Saver mode turns Off if not in use.  Made of light weight moisture proof hard Plastic. Runs on 3 AA batteries (Not Included).

Slide And Glide Indoor Soccer Hover Ball for all ages


Combine soccer and hovercrafts and you've got yourself the multi-surface Air Power Soccer Disc.A powerful fan floats the Air Power Soccer Disc on a curtain of air so it sails over hard surfaces with ease.Perfectly at home on wood, linoleum, polished concrete, and even low-pile carpet, the Air Power Soccer Disc is ideal for kicking around the house. Its substantial, non-marking foam bumper not only prevents scuffs and nicks, but makes the Air Power Soccer Disc even more fun to bounce around the room.  Just switch it on and you are ready for action. Use this disk on low-pile carpeting, wood floors,sidewalks, and driveways.  This disk features: Built in Color LED show for night-time action Protective Bumper for safe rebounding off walls and other objects Power on/off switch Light show on/off switch Hover action, glides on a Cushion of air Requires 4 AA batteries

Hearty Wines Pair Of Wine Stoppers For Wine Lovers


Crystal Hearts and Naughty Hearts

ABLE CABLE Fashionable Limited Edition iPhone Charging Cable Also For Android


Show off your ABLE CABLE that enables you to make a fashion statement! Charge your phone in style with this Ltd. Edition charging cable.. It is made of Vegan Leather and unique stitch design, made for Apple Lightning and Android microUSB devices.. Take control of your Smart Phone in style and keep it fully charged at all times.. Carry the ABLE CABLE all clad in Vegan leather and pull it out anytime you need for a quick draw, we mean a quick charge..! Specially configured to deliver 2x faster charge than most normal cables, the ends of this Vegan ABLE CABLE are reinforced to take the beating and still looks stylish any time of the day or night..! ABLE CABLE.. the only cable that is tangle free, hassle free and comes in fashion forward colors to go with your fancy phone covers, handbags and outfits.. get yours today! DETAILS: Made from Vegan Leather. Made with ABS and other Polymer with Copper Cable inserts. Fully compatible with iPhone 5,5s,6,6s,6 plus ,iPad ,iPad mini,iTouch or you can select microUSB for Samsung , LG ,HTC phones. Size: 1 meter long.  Machine Stiched and hand inserted. Select from bright and vibrant colors like : RED, WHITE, NAVY, BROWN, CHOCOLATE, BLACK, YELLOW, TURQUOISE.

3D Screen Enlarger And Viewer Portable Box For Your Smart Phone


Make your Smart Phone Screen 3 times larger when watching pictures, videos or movie of your choice and watch it all in 3D Curved Screen without the need for special glasses!  This innovative product uses the projection method to project your small screen onto a larger screen. The screen size is 8.5 inches by 7 inches. All you have to do is set your smartphone on the back, flip the screen open and start watching! No power, no cables and no connection needed.  Its Portable design will allow you to collapse the box and carry it anywhere. Details: Unbreakable Crystal Polymer Curved 3D screen.   Fully compatible with all iPhones, Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony and other smartphones with screen. Size: 7.2 inches wide, 6 inches tall and 1/2 inches thick. Diagonally the screen measures 8.2 inches. It comes in black  Great for gift giving as well.

Classic Combo Wall Adapter with 3 AC outlets and a Dual USB ports to charge your gadgets super fast


A classic combination of Wall Adapter with Surge Protection and Gadget Charger. This is a wall adapter that expands your 2 AC outlet to a 3 AC outlet with surge protection and gives you 2 USB ports to charge your gadgets. Make every outlet in your home a charging station for any device with this Classic Combo Details: -High speed 2.1 amps on USB ports are also surge protected.-3 AC outlet surge protected with LED indicator.-Center Screw option to attache on the face plate of the outlet.Comes in Classic White.

My Task Buddy. A 10 in 1 Office & Home Office tool for every desk


My Task Buddy. A 10 in 1 Office or Home Office tool for every desk. Remove clutter. Get organized. Get My Task Buddy. It's a compact tool that packs 10 different office essentials in one so you can have more working space on your desk too! Get everything in one tool that you use every day in your office, without searching them in 10 different places.   My Task Buddy holds: Stapler Staple Remover Measuring Tape Scissors A small box opener Knife Pencil Sharpener Pen Stand Storage for paper clips, rubber bands, push pins or staples Small Waste Bin Paper Hole Puncher It also has a hook to quickly stow away and ready any time you need to get a task done efficiently.  Made from ABS plastic, it is a tool needed on every office desk, at home and by every student, teacher and also those who are always on the go for business. Now you all have a My Task Buddy, the compact office tool that will help you in all your tasks. Get My Task Buddy today. This stocking stuffer makes an excellent gift for everyone.



SPIN & CLEAN is your little SPA AT HOME! Learn the sweet magic of a cheerful face. Nourish and moisturize the first thing people notice about you, your face. You can use the SPIN & CLEAN SPA safely and inexpensively, any time you wish in your own home. It is handy and portable, has a High and Low setting on the rotating tool and four different cleaning heads. Now you can have Me Time with SPIN & CLEAN. YOUR LITTLE SPA AT HOME! Use the rotating brush attachment, apply your favorite moisturizer on it and gently exfoliate the face or use the buffer roller on hands and elbows or pumice stone underfoot for a naturally clean skin. Remove any dead cells or blackheads and deep clean the skin to diminish any fine lines and wrinkles or the rough cracked skin, without spending much time, money or energy! SPIN & CLEAN so you can feel like yourself again.1. Comes in molded carrying and storage case.2. Four different head attachments: a gentle facial brush, a soft sponge, a buffer roller, and a pumice stone.3. Operates on 2 x AA batteries (not included)

Wine Bottle Thermometer - Serve your wine at its perfect temp


Wine Bottle Thermometer - This is a handy gadget that tells you the temperature of the bottle of wine so you can serve it at the right time. Wine connoisseurs will agree to this that no wine should be severed unless it is at a right temperature to enjoy to the fullest.     This also works on other bottles like champagne.   The temperature is given out in Fahrenheit or Celsius as per the international standards.   We are provide a chart of types of wines that will be best at what temperature.   Fits most wine bottles in the market now  Replaceable batteries



 Let the party begin! This summer have fun with your food, make delicious salads and lemon-zest-infused cocktails with just a little twist. Squeeze and spritz a little lemon evenly on your delicious Couscous, cucumber and red onion salad with your oh so chilled Limoncellos.Oh! Enjoy every bite and every sip. Your party is a hit!• Set includes two sizes: one for bigger fruits like lemons, oranges or grapefruits; another one for smaller fruits such as limes or tangerines.• Easy to use: cut the fruit just a little at the top and base and let it sit. The screw-like design now can easily be inserted and secured inside the fruit. When sprayed, the juice fills the filter through the holes in the sprayer and the lemon juice gets sprayed on the food evenly.• Comfortable: Silicone ring prevents juice from coming out and the dish allows the fruit to stand when not in use.• Dishwasher safe: Made of ABS plastic and Silicone, 100% premium quality, stands up to 158F and 425F temperature respectively.• Detachable: Comes apart completely for easy and thorough cleaning.

Bluetooth Music Receiver for car or any device


Bluetooth Music receiver enables you to turn any non-Bluetooth music player in to a Bluetooth enabled music receiver. If you have a stereo system that is not Bluetooth ready then this will make it ready.   If your car has a 3.5mm jack or a USB port then this device will let you play music from your smartphone thru the car speaker.   It is a handy device that can allow you to stream music anywhere even play thru the speakers on your TV if your TV has USB port or a 3.5 mm audio in jack.   Basically it make it effortless to play music without wires. Its small size it is easy to carry or have one in your car.  Features: Bluetooth music receiver. Compatible with Bluetooth 2.0 and higher. Can stream music from up to 30 ft. away. Can stream music to play in the car if you have 3.5mm audio jack or a USB port. Size : 2 inch  1  x 3.5 mm audio cable included

Rain or Shine, Clear Sky Umbrella


An umbrella that looks like any normal umbrella and fresh look of clear open sky inside.  It is fun in any weather rain or shine you will always have the blue sky. Instant open 40 inch wide when open. Made from special vinyl with water rejection and UV protection with heat reflector surface. Super Light weight Folds to small size under 10 inch. Comes with a storage pouch.  

Bluetooth Game Controller for your Smart Phone and Tablets


Bluetooth Game Controllers for your Smartphone and Tablets. Now you can shake and move and jump as you play with your favorite video game on your smartphone or Tablet . No more using 50 % of your screen for on screen controllers. This game controllers is compatible with Android and IOS means you can play all the games on Android Smartphones and Tablet and Apple iPhones and iPad as well. The bluetooth controller can even work when you stream your game to TV via Airplay. It is making the most of your portable gaming experience and comes with a stand that holds your smartphone above the controller.-Built-in lithium battery. After charging, it can be sustainable for 20 hours-This Gamepad has four modes: Gamepad, Keyboard, Touch and Icade-Come in Black Color -Bluetooth connectivity is good for 15 feet  

QUIT-O-MOSQUITO - The Solar Powered Mosquito repellent


QUIT-O-MOSQUITO A must have for your sensitive skin as well as your beautifully manicured lawn.This solar powered pest repellent, not only repels mosquitoes, it also repels all sorts of bugs, moles and rodents that are unsafe for your skin and eat away your lawn.

You're Mine Pendant and Chain


Sometimes words cannot express how you feel, and we are here to assist.Just give this necklace to your girl, which holds this sweetest pendant there is with two hearts, representing you and her. Now it’s easy to say, I am always shining because you're mine forever”.All in Sterling Silver Polished with anti-tarnish. The necklace is an 18 inch in length and the pendant is 1in x 1in approx. Mounted with brightest crystals with a Life Time Ltd. Warranty. Comes in a Gift Pouch."

You and Me Salt or Pepper Mills With Electric Dispenser In Stainless Steel


Sleek looking YOU & ME Salt or Pepper Electronic Grinder and Dispenser Mills in Stainless SteelYou & Me Mills are constructed with durable stainless steel to add style to your gourmet kitchen as it can also match with all your other appliances like the stove, the oven the microwave and the dishwasher ..Serve soups, pasta or pizzas to your family with freshly grounded salt and pepper to enhance the flavors. It has a setting to grind it as fine or a coarse grind. The mills light up as you grind and dispense salt and pepper so that you can enjoy your candlelit dinner. The transparent containers tell you easily what it contains and its level so you can refill it before it is out.You and Me mills a good choice made for the happy family.DETAILS:• Salt or Pepper Mills have an Electric dispenser.• Made of stainless steel. • Runs on 2 AA batteries.• Lights up your plate as you grind and dispense salt and pepper.• It comes as individual pc sold separately if you want for salt and pepper then please order 2 pcs   **Salt and Pepper not included, batteries not included.

Handy Dandy Multi Functional Car Tool that makes your Glove Compartment look smart


Handy Dandy EASY TO USE AND EASY TO READ - Digital technology for accuracy. Extremely high quality product. MULTI TOOL - The more that we know that we can handle an emergency when it comes along, the more we feel confident about venturing out and enjoying ourselves. How many of us hate to drive at night? So many women will identify with this that they worry about the car breaking down, or having a flat tire. If this sounds like you then get this tool. This Handy Dandy can easily check your tire pressure before you head out. It has a 3-Mode tire gauge: PSI, BAR, KPA (3 to 150 PSI) Large, easy-to-read LCD display, and while you may have thought that reading and understanding what Tire pressures should be as difficult, will now become as simple as switching off a light. LED FLASHLIGHT and REGULAR FLASHLIGHT - Yes, there are lots of sizes and models of flashlights to make use of, but how many times do we remember to grab one when we are leaving home? With our multi-tool tire gauge being so convenient in size, you can just stick it in your pocket or purse and you will always have it with you. In fact this handy dandy little potential life saver is so conveniently priced that you could buy a few and keep one in the glove compartment of your car and one more in your office drawer. How many times have you fumbled trying to find the right key for your home or car? Well with the brilliance that this duel lighting system offers you that is one problem you can forget about. EMERGENCY ESCAPE TOOL - Pliers, flat and Phillips screwdrivers, scissors, seat belt cutter, and glass hammer. You may be saying this all sounds great, but how many of these would I really use? Just ask anyone that has bought this Handy Dandy Digital Tire Pressure Gauge Multi Tool Combo about that and most will say that they now routinely use the mini pliers and Phillips screwdrivers. The scissors of course come in handy for just about for any little task. What is really important here is the seat belt cutter and glass hammer. If one ever gets trapped in the vehicle, either one of these two items can potentially save the life, by using them to release oneself from a trapped seat belt, or break the vehicle glass because one couldn't get the door open. LIFE SAVING GIFT IDEA - Just imagine having a little extra peace of mind when your young teens or pre-teens go out the door. For those kids old enough to drive, you as the parent at least know if they have this multi-tool on them they have some resources. For the younger ones who love to bike ride, a nifty tool such as this, is very valuable for them to check their bike tire pressure. So many kids have ended up taking a nasty spill off their bike, because their tires were soft or they are a good distance from home and the bike chain has slipped. With a few pocket tools they can easily add to their safety.

Never a Dull Moment! - Knife and Scissor Sharpener


Dull knife giving you a dull day in your State Of the Art kitchen?Get the Sharpy... our all new nice and safe Knife and Scissor Sharpener.Enhance your culinary skills and have a great experience creating your edible masterpieces.Guaranteed results with Never a Dull Moment! COMES IN: DELICIOUS ORANGE.



Now you have one more reason to enjoy the outdoors this summer.Start calling your close friends and family and plan for a great cook out. Tell them you are all set with your portable grill and your own My Grilling Mate to grill great food! And when they ask what makes you so excited about it, tell them you got these mats that are made of the same non stick, Teflon® coated non toxic material that our pans are usually made of and so food does not stick, burn or fall down the grill!My Grilling Mate creates a flat nonstick surface on any grill. The food not only looks great with all the grill marks, it tastes delicious too as the flat mat helps cook everything safe and even, even without the cooking spray. So you know you are eating healthy and you will never have to use 'the elbow grease' to clean the greasy grill now, as the grill never gets greasy in the first place! Just wipe clean the mats and store them easily in the kitchen cabinet, they don't take much space. They are machine washable and reusable, you have a 5 year warranty on them.It is a 2 pc set of My Grilling Mate Sheets. Get cooking-n-grilling with My Grilling Mate!What is it?My Grilling Mate is an affordable non-stick mats that you can place on any grill, charcoal or gas. It prevents food from falling through the cracks of the grill. You can cook anything on the grill with the My Grilling Mate. It’s easy to cook with and easy to clean since its dishwasher safe. It will maximize all the flavors. How does it work?When you get the My Grilling Mate sheets, you can customize it simply by cutting it as per the size of your grill if needed and same for your Baking mate sheets. Place My Grilling Mate sheets on top of your grill and start cooking. You won’t have to change the way you grill at all. It is just like cooking on your regular grill.What is the Advantage of using My Grilling Mate?• It reduces flare-ups and burning• 100 % non-stick surface• Made of PTFE TEFLON® (PFOA free) Food Grade completely safe for cooking can withstand heat up to 500° F.• Let’s you grill anything and gives you the Grill marks like before.• No wasting food by dropping between cracks• Dishwasher safe• No changes in grilling needed• Super thin light weight.• Grill surface stays clean and same with baking as it is non stickEasy To Use:• You get 2pcs set consists of: Set of 2 My Grilling Mate measuring 15.75″ x 13″.• My Grilling Mate is so easy to use, you will never grill without it.• Simply cut the mat to fit your grill.• Decide what food you are going to grill.• Grill as you would regularly use the Black sheet mat for Grilling.• Let it cool and take it off the grill.• Wash with soap or toss into the dishwasher. • Reuse! Over and over again!

Universal Smartphone Stand with Car Charger Built in


Don't let your phone slide under the seat when you brake or take a turn. Get this Universal Car stand with built in intelligent charger for any smartphone. This car charger plugs into your cars cigarette lighter and charges your phone while you're driving. It has a built in Intelligent IC chip inside which recognizes a fully charged battery and automatically switches to a saver mode to prevent overcharging and short circuit. It will not overheat or overcharge the battery. The Holder Mount Stand could keep your phone when you driving. It can be adjusted to move full 360 degrees and the phone can face right or left. The holder has special rubber edges to prevent your phone or case from scratching. The case can be adjusted to work with your phone in its case or without case.Package included: 1 x Charger Holder MountCompatible with any Smartphone model.

Steel Chillers - The Stainless Steel Food Grade Ice Cubes for Cocktails


Party Time Drink Mixer recipe that even James will love.Mix your favorite cocktails in the cocktail shaker, give it a good shake (do not stir). Now take out your freezer storage tray from the fridge. Pick up a few STEEL CHILLERS with the tong and throw them into the deep Champagne goblets. Pour your cocktail and garnish with Lemon peels or Olives. Got it? Cheers!Enjoy the same flavor till the last drop, your drink will not be diluted now as you have used STEEL CHILLERS instead of melting ice! Reuse the Steel Chillers every time for Margaritas, Sangrias, Mojitos and Juices and never worry about your choice of beverage watering down again.• 6 Stainless steel food grade cubes.• A Freezer Tray to store and serve the steel cubes.• A Stainless Steel Serving Tong.• Very ideal for Entertaining.

Luggage Scale with Temperature Sensor


Room temperature display• Zero and tare function

Fruitzola - The Fruit Infuser Water Bottle with Handle by Good Living in Style


Good Living in Style brings you Fruitzola. Our Fruit Infuser Water Bottle, a fun way to get your daily intake of precious water with added fruits.   Now you can make your choice of sweet flavored water and keep yourself hydrated, healthy and safe all day long.  Fruitzola comes with extra infuser pump built in to boost the fruit flavors. The bottle is made from TRITAN BPA Free plastic, approved for use with any drinkable liquid.  It fits in most car cups and the cap screws on to keep the sipping portion always clean and germ free.   Now you have the option to sweeten the water with tiny pieces of Strawberries or Watermelon or infuse it with herbs like mint, add lemon and crushed ice to make it refreshing or add honey to make it even sweeter and have its health benefits too. The possibilities are endless. It looks just great and tastes great too!  Great gift to give the ones you love and care for.   DETAILS: Bottle holds 24oz liquid, Made from TRITAN POLYMERS and 100% BPA FREE, Dishwasher safe in Top Rack, They come in Refreshing Red, Beautiful Black and Cool Blue translucent caps.  

Worldwide Power Adapter and Travel Charger with Dual USB ports that works in 150 countries


Worldwide Power Adapter and Travel Charger with Dual USB ports that works in 150 countries.   When you travel now to any country you just need to carry one single power adapter that will convert foreign current to US voltage 120 enabling you to use all your gadgets and electronics in any country. It also give you 2 USB ports to charge in foreign country from there voltage which can be 120v to 220v.   You never need to worry about any power surge with its built in surge protection. It also has all the world wide combination of plugs that are needed to plug in to an AC outlet anywhere in the world. This handy device is a lifesaver when you travel and can save lot of time and money. The adapter has a single AC outlet that will convert to your desired voltage automatically.  It also has 2 USB ports that are 2.1amps for high speed charging of smartphone and tablets. It makes an excellent gift for that traveler friend or family member. 120V to 220V  or 220v to120v converter 1 AC outlet  2 USB ports  Surge Protection 4 Universal pin adapter built in to fit any wall socket in the world. 1 year guarantee.  

Crystal Heart Love Pendant with 16 GB USB flash drive


How much can you store in a heart? Get the Crystal Heart Love Pendant and you will know!   The Crystal Heart in Pink and Smokey Quartz colors are a perfect for yourself and as a gift to give to everyone you love. Now it is simple to store your precious pictures, songs, music and much much more. When not in use it can be a pendant with its stylist PU leather necklace that can easily go around the neck as it comes in 24 inch length and is adjustable too.   Make that love connection. Give the gift of a Crystal Heart Love Pendant with love that will be adored for long time to come.   Details: This is a USB Flash drive with 16GB capacity. So much to store it can stores 10,000 plus pictures, over 5000 songs and over 12 hours of video.   Compatible with Windows Vista, 7/8 and Apple Mac. 

Our WIN! WIN! 24 kt Gold or Silver Plated playing cards in a laminated Jewel box


Turn your hobby into your Trump card!   Our WIN! WIN! Cards come in 24kt.Gold Foil or Silver Foil with Dollar image on one side of each card, packed neatly in a mahogany colored wooden box.   So rich and awesome, even a poker face will be delighted to see our WIN! WIN! Cards and show a wonderful smile!   Truly ideal for gift giving, buy two and you have hit a jackpot!   One for gifting and one for you it's a WIN! WIN! situation.

CHILL at WILL The 6 pack Beer Freezer Bags in various colors


CHILL at WILL Beer Freezer tote bags for your 6 packs of beer.   Heading to a BYOB party? Keep the chilled beer bottles in this frozen bag and carry it in style. Be assured the beer will stay chilled till the last drop.   Its special 4 walls of frozen Gel Packs will do the job every time. It is also a great accessory to gift everyone.   Colors: Icy Blue, Green Martini, Red Wine, Purple Grapes & Campaign Ice.

Type out of a BOX with Flexible silicone bluetooth keyboard


Flexible keyboard with Bluetooth. Now you can roll up the keyboard and put it in your jacket or in your backup. It will sync instantly with iPad or any tablet or computer with Bluetooth capabilities. The keyboard has soft touch click and it has full set of 101 keys.Details:• Silicone flexible Bluetooth keyboard with full set of keys • Built in battery will last for 80 hours • Comes with Usb cable to recharge

Armband Bandit Saver and Holster for Smartphones


Armband Bandit Saver and Holster to hold your Smartphone.  This armband can carry your essential card, cash id's and have a place for your phone too all neatly packed out of the way in the armband. The front holster can hold iPhone 4/5/6 or Samsung Galaxy or other similar size or smaller phones, while the zippered hidden pocket will hold all your card, ID and cash.  With double Velcro locks you can be assured that your gear will be in place while you do your activity. Made from strong polyester and neoprene it can withstand any flex of muscles if you may but overall it is a safe place from wandering eyes and bandits alike when you are armed with this one hand armed Bandit Holster and Wallet.  Comes in Black, Blue, Pink & Red 

Crochet Shorts get into the summer fun ware


This retro style daisy Crochet Shorts is made of 100% cotton with polyester lining. Come in size   XS, S, M, L Machine washable cold water and cold dry cycle or line dry.

Home Gym Full Body Exerciser - Electronic Jump Skip Rope for any one


The HOME GYM FULL BODY EXERCISER. Perfect for your home gym or for your exercise room. An Electronic Cordless Jump Skip Rope for everyone. The virtual rope is easy to use, helps you in exercising and also monitoring your body fat and keeping track of it. It has a built in modes to set your jump rope regimen daily.It keeps count on the number of times you have jumped and skipped the rope. Easy to operate comes in Pink and Black colors. (Your choice of color is shipped till supplies last).The Cordless Jump Rope features • Grooved handles for nice grip on the cordless jump rope.• KCAL - Calorie counter that shows calories burned.• Jump Skip counter.• Weight setting.• Easy to carry and store for travel.• Auto shut off mode when not in use.• Exercise routine setup to sound an Alarm alert when reaching that set point.• PINK or BLUE Colors to select from.  

Portable Table Top Humidifier works with ordinary water bottle


Portable Table Top Humidifier in a small compact box that can go with you anywhere. It does not have a water tank built in instead it uses your ordinary water bottle to make the fine mist.Humidifier are known to have many health benefit a regular use can improve breathing and relaxation and good night sleep. It will help you put the right amount of moisture in your room and remove the dryness that happens due to central heat or fireplace in winter time.The portable Table Top humidifier can direct the mist to multiple angles and can quickly be turned off and carried anywhere no watery mess to empty. It has a built in filter system that produces the micro mist and throws it out making it an ideal solution for any room. Return your room back to smelling fresh and live with this Table Top Magic Box Humidifier.Comes with an Extra set of filter and the filters can be used over and over again by simply washing them thoroughly under tap water when needed.The Humidifier plugs into the wall with a provided power cord.(Water Bottle not included)Water bottle with mouth opening up to 1.25 inch can be used to serve as a water supply and no more than 16 oz. bottle.Box size: 6in wide x 4in tall x 2.5 inch thickComes in: Pink, Lime Green, and Yellow & White.6 months warranty included.

Mountain Air - Air Freshener and Purifier for your car, plugs in the cigarette lighter


Create a breezy clean zone in your car, with Mountain Air. Mountain Air is an Air Freshener and Purifier for your car that plugs in the cigarette lighter. It works silently and is practically maintenance free, no filters required.

Comfort In A Bag - The Bamboo Pillows


Comfort  In A Bag The Bamboo Pillows. The most comfortable Bamboo Pillows are here and they are all yours! They come with all natural multi layer memory foam and bamboo cover cases. The memory foam fibers are dense and firm so the Bamboo Pillow will never go flat and the pillow zipper covers are Eco Friendly , removable as well as machine washable, that keep your pillows cooler wash after wash, just tumble dry and they are fresh to use again. The Bamboo Pillow can take care of all the tossing and turning caused from insomnia , snoring and restlessness due to asthma, as the naturally hypoallergenic foam is bacteria free and makes breathing easy . No more migraines and stiff necks now.. the Bamboo pillows can keep your spine in a great shape too as your back is rested throughout the night and you feel like a new person next morning after a good night sleep you always need. Experience the Comfort in A Bag Bamboo Pillows.. get it in a Queen or King Size. Buy them in pairs , it is logical and saves on shipping charges too.



What a fantastic idea of a handbag organizer insert that can be switched from handbag to handbag, as many times as you want. No more frenzy digging in the handbag for the thing you are looking for and no more forgetting the credit cards in the previous handbag when you grab another matching handbag for the evening..! Have all your essentials handy with GO GO Gadget Pouch insert which allows you to ORGANIZE AND SWITCH. Organize your office bag neatly with your iPad, iPhone, Charger, Credit Cards, even your lipstick and eye pencil all at once and just Switch this insert organizer and place it in another handbag when you want to change the bag for the evening. Details: Roomy to fit all essentials. 4 cushion compartments - 2 Velcro pockets, 1 top zip closure and 1 zip closure on the back. Size: 11 inches x 8.5 inches. Nylon Material. Various Colors to choose from: Green, Blue, Grey, Orange and Red.

My Bag Buddy For World Traveler Compact Expandable Carry on Bag


My Bag Buddy for World Traveler. UNFOLD THE POUCH AND MAKE IT INTO AN EXTRA CARRY ON FOR THE LAST MINUTE SHOPPING DONE  AT THE DUTY FREE SHOPS TO SURPRISE YOUR LOVED ONES AT HOME. A compact expandable carry-on bag that firmly slides over the handle of your primary carry on, making it easy to carry.  When not in use it neatly folds in to 8 inch pouch.  A must have. You will wonder how you traveled without it all this time! Details: Neatly folds in to an 8 inch pouch with a zipper bag. Size when in the pouch 8 inches X 7 inches and when taken out and fully open, it expands to 14 inches Tall x 20 inches wide. Nylon Construction, waterproof and moisture proof. Adjustable Handles.  Weighs less than 300 grams when empty. It comes in multiple colors like: BLUE AND GREEN ON CHARCOAL OR ROSE AND ORANGE ON BROWN.

Leaflet Anklet


Leaflet Anklet with tiny little golden leaves that hug and surround your feet. Anklets have been a tradition in many countries including India where wearing anklets in both feet is a symbol of a woman's marital bliss. Now it is loved globally and is worn just to feel and express happiness.  Details: Anklet is polished Gold Plated in 18 kt gold. Size 8 1/2 inches perfect for most ankles. It can be worn in one or both the feet. It comes in gift pouch.

Malibu Beach Pants


is another name for affordable luxury. The silky soft look of the solid colored fabric makes them a perfect contrast against the coastal backdrop of sandy beaches and scenic beauty.  These "Bu" pants are very well suitable to the Mediterranean as well as springy summery climate and can be paired with crochet tops and lace tunics for flirty fun look. Details: Relaxed 5% Spandex and 95% Polyester blend with Draw strings for comfy fit.  They come in beautiful colors like: OCEAN BLUE

Giraffe Neck Magnetic Head LED Flashlight - BUY 1 GET 1 FREE


Telescoping Giraffe Neck Magnetic Head LED Flashlight.  A powerful 3 LED flashlight is handy for many chores and for emergencies.   It can bend 360 degree and can extend up to 20 inch long.  It head has power magnet that can pick up things that weighs 10 times its own weight that is 2 lbs. and it can extended up to 20 inches long. It can be carried like a Pen and work like a Professional Handyman tool.   A perfect for Car or for any home comes with replaceable batteries. This a Special Offer BUY ONE and GET ONE FREE for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. Features: 3 brilliant white LED lights Extends from 6 inches to 20 inches  360 degree flexible magnetic head Durable aluminum construction Rear mounted bottom magnet attaches to metal surfaces The magnetic head can pick up wt. up to 2 lbs.

Chic Shaver - A Portable Travel USB Rechargeable Shaver


Chic Shaver - A portable travel shaver that is smaller than a smartphone thin and compact design and can power with USB port no batteries needed.  It has a built in battery that will charge the shaver and ready to use any time.    The shaver has Titanium coated Steel micro shaver foil with steel cutting blades underneath that vibrates very fast to give you a sharp precise clean shave every time.  Compact, lightweight design - smaller than a smartphone Fits in a pocket, briefcase, gym bag, or carry-on luggage Sharp blades and fast vibration deliver a smooth, close shave No power cables or batteries needed - charges via retractable USB connector Charges anywhere in the world without outlets or power converters Easy maintenance - outer foil hood removes easily for cleaning with included brush can be washed with water. Available in black or white RoHS compliant  Charge device for 12 hours before first use.  After first use, charging time is approximately 4 hours.  Full charge provides 30 minutes of shaving time Includes cleaning brush and replacement foil available. It can be used with shaving foam but not recommended with shaving gel. Comes in Black or White.

FUZZ BUSTER Lint Remover - Safely remove lints from clothing instantly


FUZZ BUSTER Lint remover. A HANDY MUST HAVE GOOD HOUSE KEEPING ITEM. Restore and save your favorite Cashmere sweater don't part with it just because it has gathered lint. Fuzz Buster is here to shave that unsightly lint for you, without pulling the threads of the fabric or causing a snag. It has 3 sharp blades that lifts and detaches the lint from the surface instantly and can make your sweater look lint free and new again.  This Fuzz Buster Lint Remover is battery operated and safe to use, the lint gets collected in the lint catcher basket which can be detached easily to clean it so No Sticky glue rollers, No mess!  Fuzz Buster breathes new life into your sweaters, socks, dress pants, sheets and towels or anything else   Details: Made from sturdy plastic. Safely removes fuzz, lint & piling. Detachable lint catcher for easy removal. Comfortable grip. Large shaving head.  Removes pills and fuzz from all fabric. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). Size 4 inch x 2.5 inch approx.  Comes in Blue and Pink. 

The 6 in 1 Ultimate Opener for Every Kitchen


The ultimate 6 IN 1 time saver and space maker in your kitchen drawer or in the utensil holder ONE & ONLY HAS JUST ARRIVED! Have this 6 in 1 Opener tool and it will become your one and only to-go-to tool that you will ever need to do 6 different kitchen tasks and does it faster and in more efficient manner. Make your Bar tidy too Keep one in your kitchen and one in your bar you will be ready to serve friends and family in no time this Thanksgiving. Functions include: Opens cans.  Opens bottles.  Lifts tab tops on cans.  Pry open lids. Breaks jar seals.  Twists caps.  Come in White with Lime Green handle.

SPA Cocoon - Luxurious Bathrobe that you can also lounge and sleep in


Get wrapped up in sensual comfort right out of shower. Wear this world class, highly absorbent SPA Cocoon Bathrobe and you are all covered with a luxurious feeling! Wrap yourself right out of shower in the SPA Cocoon. Luxurious Bathrobe in your favorite color, and you are ready to prepare for the party pick your clothes and jewelry, put on the nail polish, style your hair and put on the makeup you can do all this and more before you are ready to wear your evening dress and heels. SPA Cocoon is a lightweight plush bathrobe that you will love to lounge and even sleep in. It's 80% breathable microfiber in soft and fresh colors makes it a pleasant experience every time you wear it. Oversize enough to use it as a beach towel too, spread on the ground and lie on it to relax on the breach and get some tan.   Details: 60 inch wide x 33 inch tall in size that wraps you up like a cocoon to give world class comfort, in the comfort of your own home.  Made from highly absorbent fabric that can absorb 3 times its weight in water.   Ultra soft microfiber 80% polyester 20% cotton blend, hemmed border with double stitch to allow pull and stretch. Machine washable. Will fit those who wear dress size X Small, Small, Medium and Large.   SPA Cocoon Luxurious Bathrobe comes in Colors: Sky Blue, Coffee, Red, Powder Pink, Pink, Coco White, Orange and Emerald Green. 

All PRO Action Sports Camera with HD 1080P and WiFi *18 pcs of Accessory included*


All PRO Action Sports Camera with HD 1080P and Wi-Fi with tons of accessories.   The action sports camera has jitter free module that will capture your action is stable 1080P HD it comes with waterproof case and multiple accessory an attachment. It records everything on a micro SD card that can be played back on the camera or in a computer or connect via  Wi-Fi to your Smartphone and use that to control you camera or play back video.  Take pictures take video up to 90 ft. under water IPX 68 level.   Attach it to your arm or on a helmet or a bike or on top of your car the All PRO Action camera will go where ever you go.   Comes with downloadable APP that can work on Apple or Android Smartphones/ Tablets. Feature List   Video recording while charging  2. 12-megapixel HD wide-angle lens  3. HDMI HD output  4. Web camera  5. Support storage cards up to 32GB maximum  6. Multiple video recording formats: 1080P, 720P, WVGA  7. Recorded in MOV format  8. Multiple photo shooting modes: Single shot, Snapper  9. Video encryption enabled  Mini appearance, diversified colors available  You get in this package 18 pcs of accessory as shown.   Specs and Info: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD): 1.5LTPS  Lens: 170 degrees + HD wide-angle lens, 6G lens  Language Options: English / German / French / Spanish / Italian / Portuguese / Chinese Traditional / Chinese Simplified / Japanese / Russian  Resolution of Videos Recorded:  1080P (1920*1080) 30FPS  720P (1280*720) 60FPS  Video Format: MOV  Compressed Format of Videos: H.264 Resolution of Photos: 12M(4000*3000) / 8M(3264*2448) /5M(2560*1920) / 2M(1920*1080)  Storage: Micro SD 8 GB included can go up to 32 GB Shooting Mode: Single Shot / Self-timer (5s / 10s / Double)  Loop recording: Supported  Frequency of Optical Source: 50Hz / 60Hz  USB Interface: USB2.0  Power Source Interface: 5V 1000mA  Battery Capacity: 3.7V Li-ion Battery 1500mAh 3.33W Recording Time: 1080P/ About 90 minutes  Charging Time: About 3.5 hours  Operating System: Windows XP/Vista or Above/Win7/Win 8 / Mac OS Dimension: 2.33*1.62*1.15 inch 

'Shine with me' - Jewelry Cleaner


‘Shine with me’ Jewelry Cleaner! Polish everything good as new personally and get professional results with the Ultra-Sonic Jewelry 'Shine with Me' Jewelry Cleaner.  It has an easy to use ON / OFF switch with suction base to avoid slipping when in a vibrating mode. Requires no special cleaning liquid, just plain water or light soap diluted water. Cleaning is done by vibration to loosen the dirt on the object it vibrates up to 6500 times / minute.  Great for both professional cleaning and personal use ‘Shine your Jewels’, Shine with your Jewels! DETAILS: Container size: 4 cm x 8 cm, suitable for cleaning almost anything like: Electronics components, Mechanical parts, Pen-heads, Printer-heads, Watch parts, Coins, Badges, Machine Nozzles, Small silverware; Monocle, Sunglasses, Contact lens accessories, Optical lenses; Waterproof watches, Rings, Necklaces, Earrings, Diamonds, Bracelets and Gemstones; Dentures, Combs, Toothbrushes, Electric shaver heads, Razors and many other small things you want to clean..  Power: 2 X AA battery (not included).  Do not use any special jewelry cleaner liquid or special metal cleaning chemicals this machine operates with plain water and vibrations.